21 December 2006
almost last minute shopping

Well, folks, I'll likely be out and about most of tomorrow wrapping up (hee hee) some almost last minute shopping.

In my defense, this is because I need to buy what we'll eat over the holiday weekend--we're all about freshness around here, so you can't go to the market too far in advance.

Right. And I have some other, um, stocking stuffers to get.

So, for those looking to waste precious holiday time learning useless information to impress your relatives/friends/co-workers, I'm your girl. And Snopes.com is your primary source.


  • Yes, he's the reason for the season, but was Jesus *really* born on the 25th of December?

  • They're a quick sugar rush and a potential weapon if you lick one end to a very sharp point, but are candy canes religious in origin?

  • Simply a shortcut, or is writing "Xmas" offensive?

  • Because we heart our friends in Canada, Britain, New Zealand, and Australia, here's some background on Boxing Day.

  • The great American soft drink can be found in nearly every corner of the world, but did Coca-Cola also come up with the image that we associate with Santa Claus?

  • Even after learning all of the above fun facts, do I *really* know enough about Christmas? Take this quiz to find out.

Ain't Snopes grand?



Blogger The Other Girl said...

I am afraid to click on the "yule log" link. I don't want to know.

Blogger Shan said...

Okay I'm embarrassed to admit that as a Canadian I had no idea what Boxing Day was besides a day off with pay (if you so happen to be gainfully employed).

Thanks for the links.

Blogger sognatrice said...

TOG, I don't blame you one bit. If/when you're ready, it'll still be there with its vaguely suggestive, nearly offensive name.

Shan, I'm always happy to be a source of useless information :)

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