12 December 2006
finding holiday cheer

In the past week of posts, I've mentioned buying Christmas gifts, putting up my mini-tree, and having visions of sugarplums...but I have a confession to make.

Despite the occasional clementine orange leisurely strolling through my thoughts (there's simply no dancing), I'm not feeling it this year. After my one morning of Christmas songs a few days ago, I haven't heard a bell jingle let alone rock.

I'll admit it. I'm putting up a Christmas Cheer front.

What's the problem? Is it because the weather has been so mild (sweater, no jacket days)? Is it because in Italy we're not bombarded with carols and decorations for months? Should I be turning to Jimmy Stewart and "It's a Wonderful Life" for a heartwarming holiday story?

Hmm...there may something to that. With all the tales of woe in the world--the fact that our troops will be spending another holiday season in Iraq comes to mind--I need some good news for a change. I don't have the "It's a Wonderful Life" DVD, but I do have the Internet. So I went a-searching for some contemporary warm fuzzies.

My favorites:

  • Holiday Shoppers Keep Buying During Fire: Thick smoke billowing through an Ohio department store didn't stop these bargain hunters. Firefighters even had to block the doors to prevent more shoppers from entering. Now that's the spirit!

  • Get your reindeer hotdogs for $8!: As an apparent lesson to all the reindeer on Santa's "Bad" list, a suburban Chicago hotdog vendor is selling these treats. Yes, grilled onion and mustard *are* included in the reasonable holiday price. Think of the touching memory:
Mother: What would you like for dinner tonight, Johnny?

Johnny: Hmm...how about Dasher?!

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Blogger Cynthia Rae said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am looking forward to reading through your blog and learning more about you.

Welcome to the blog world!


Anonymous J.Doe said...

I laughed out loud about your comment about poor Dasher and the $8 reindeer hotdogs.
Very funny.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say is ewwww. Gotta love snopes.

Maybe I should start a blog about my interesting life ...

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