24 December 2006
little boy and tiger wishes

Many years ago, I clipped from the newspaper one of my most favorite comic strips ever--a poem entitled "Christmas Eve" by Bill Watterson written for a little boy and his tiger, Calvin & Hobbes.

Silly me, I didn't think to bring it with me to Italy to someday scan into my then-nonexistent blog. I even have a book that it's in at home. Somewhere.

Anyway, the text was easy enough to locate, but the drawing with it made it all the more special. Unfortunately, the only image I could find is here, and it's not the best scan. But I hope you'll still appreciate the poem--makes me want to snuggle with my pooch.*

Christmas Eve

On window panes, the icy frost
Leaves feathered patterns, crissed & crossed,
But in our house the Christmas tree
Is decorated festively
With tiny dots of colored light
That cozy up this winter night.
Christmas songs, familiar, slow,
Play softly on the radio.
Pops and isses from the fire
Whistle with the bells and choir.

My tiger is now fast asleep
On his back and dreaming deep.
When the fire makes him hot,
He turns to warm whatever's not.
Propped against him on the rug,
I give my friend a gentle hug.
Tomorrow's what I'm waiting for,
But I can wait a little more.

*Also check out the Calvin & Hobbes Snow Art Gallery for some wintry laughs.



Blogger Annika said...

oh that's beautiful!! I'm teary-eyed now, although I'm not sure if it's due to lack of sleep or pure sentimentality.
I dreamed of a cat tonight. I miss my cats.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous J.Doe said...

I like Calvin & Hobbes too.
Buone feste.

Blogger Christina said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! :-)

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year, Michelle!



Blogger sognatrice said...

Calvin & Hobbes live on! Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season as well.

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