07 December 2006
love thursday: luna

One August evening I came home to find P making dinner, a little annoyed that I was late. Oops! Using my sweetest voice, I asked what was cooking.

P: Ti piace il cane? (Do you like the dog?)

Me: Whahuh? (Whahuh?)

He pointed under the table, and there was a real live caramel-colored pooch with big brown eyes staring at me.

About a year before, I had taken in a stray, but he had passed away the previous week. The last thing I expected in the house was a puppy, especially since I insisted I wasn't ready for another one just yet, that I needed time to heal.

I was wrong.

P knew I couldn't live without a dog for too long, so he went and rescued this pup from a family that had been calling her "Nessuna"--Nobody.

What's that sound? Your heart breaking?

I squatted down to look Luna in the eyes (P had already renamed her), to which she responded "Grrrrrrr." How cute.

I told him to take her back.

I was joking, of course, but only half-heartedly. Dogs always love me! What was her problem?

After dinner, P went out for coffee, but I didn't want to leave Luna alone so we stayed home. Together. Just the two of us. She was still growling a bit as I pulled her up onto my lap, but I held her close, spoke in a soft, annoying baby voice, and scratched under her chin.

About ten minutes later, I called P.

Me: Sono innamorata! (I'm in love!)

P: Grazie. Anch'io. (Thanks. Me too.)

Me: No, di Luna. (No, with Luna.)

Ever since I saw "Love Thursday" on
italian trivia (Jennifer discovered it on Karen's Chookooloonks), I wanted to play, too. So here's my first installment, posting the love encompassed in this sweet face looking up at me every morning.

I love my Luna Balloona.

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Blogger Aurora said...

Ahhhhh I finally learned how to post a comment. I'm making progress on learning web stuff being impaired as I am at these things. Luna is so cute. I love dogs too. I also love cats but they tend to get killed easily here by the speed demons.;-( I'll have to try that bean recipe. Have a good weekend and take care.


Blogger Shirley said...

Wow, thats so sweet of 'p',you are very lucky.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Aurora, brava! Stai imparando ogni giorno! Be careful with the beans--down in Reggio, they may not appreciate that the recipe comes from so far away (where's the rolling eyes emoticon when I need it?).

Shirley, thanks for stopping by. P is rather sweet for being such a Calabrese tough guy. I've been reading your blog for a while, btw, just haven't commented. I'll be adding you to my list shortly :)

Blogger Jennifer said...

Aww. What a sweetheart.

Blogger Elle said...

I love those ears.

I have a real thing for dog ears, they are so soft. I find it so comforting to run them between my fingers :P

Anonymous michelle said...

Oh my gosh, your dog is absolutely beautiful. In a way, she reminds me of Basenji dogs.

So I have to ask ... does she bark or yodel? Basenji dogs cannot bark per se, but they apparently yodel. I wonder if your dog can yodel. :)

*Hugs* to you both. :)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Michelle, you're right! She does look like a Basenji! And now that I've read more about them, she has a lot of their personality as well...who knew?!

Anonymous Luna Love said...

Love at first growl?

Blogger sognatrice said...

Hee hee. Yes, I suppose you could say that ;)

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