28 December 2006
love thursday seconda parte: i don't mean to brag but...

I have the best mommy in the world (no offense to your mommies, of course).

Today I received this:

NB: This is the fourth outrageously heavy package I've received within the past month and a half.

Before my mom sent it, the story goes, my niece handed her an already sealed envelope to put in for me. Here are some of its contents:

That there on the left? Why yes, it *is* a snowflake cut out of a coffee filter.

Again, I don't mean to brag, but let's just say I'm a pretty durn lucky gal.

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Blogger Giulia said...

Reeses AND Nips?!!!

Ya know, it doesn't help for me to have seen this right now, of all times... when I am in dire need of chocolate!

That was very sweet of your Mom. Maybe if I'm good, she'll send me a box too?! :p

Blogger kristen said...

adorable. just found your blog and i'm loving it.

Blogger Laura B. said...

Care packages are the BEST! Does your mom put every care package in one of those baskets? She's pretty awesome.

Blogger Gil said...

Lucky in more ways than one. You have a pretty talented niece. Happy New Year to you!!!

I hope Expats comes back on line soon.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Yes, Giulia, I'm viziata as well as fortunata ;)

Kristen, thanks for visiting; hope we'll be seeing more of you!

Laura, actually that was a lovely set of lined baskets--4 in all. I had gotten them for myself before I came to Italy, but they didn't make the cut in the luggage, so my mom found a way to weasel them into a box. Sadly, no, all packages do not come with baskets, but enough candy to make your teeth hurt just looking at it? Yeah, that's a given.

Gil, my niece is pretty talented, sweet, cute...don't get me started! I missed out on the fun this morning at Expats as I was snoozing. Hope it's all better now.

Blogger Shan said...

What a great package. You are one lucky girl.

Also your niece is clearly a genius. Very cute snowflake.

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