21 December 2006
love thursday: topping the tree with love

A few years ago, I found this plush, padded, bedazzled heart in a crafty kind of store and bought it, having no idea what I might do with it. The answer came the following year, when I had my first tree, mini as it is, and was without a top.
Fellow expat and blogger Delinissima wrote about the difficulty in finding a star to top the tree here in Italy. I don't know why they're anti-star either, but there aren't a lot of choices out there.

So, I had to do some creative rigging up with twisty-ties, but I think the heart does the trick-- along with reminding me that Christmas is a time to love and appreciate all that is right with my world.
And yes, that's our little Bonsai Garden/Christmas Village out of focus behind the tree.

I wish everyone a Happy Love Thursday and Happy Winter Solstice.

Now go out and enjoy the shortest day of the year!

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Blogger Annika said...

after today, it will only get lighter again. No more talk of darkness...

Blogger Delina said...

In the end I got a star but it was so heavy it wouldn't stay on and so I tied a bow on the top instead :| Your heart is great!

Blogger Giulia said...

That is a beautiful plush heart, Sogna! Looks great on the tree.
My husband (having grown up in Italy, therefore obsessed with "the star") always wanted to put one on top of our christmas trees in America. I never liked them and always topped the tree with an angel.
Now that we are here (it's our very first Xmas here), he has his star at the top but my angel is right there beneath it... I was only willing to compromise to a certain extent!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Giulia, it's funny that your husband is into the star when I've had so much trouble finding one! I need to come up to Campania...Actually I've seen quite a few angels, but they've looked, well, cheap. May be something else I have to import ;) And then there's the spikey things Delina wrote about. Weird. Anyway, glad you reached a compromise for the tree!

Blogger nikinpos said...

I always put a fairy on the top of the tree, but I couldn't tell you why!

Blogger Shan said...

That heart is so cute and it looks great on the tree. I love a Christmas tree with character.

We always had an angel on our tree after my Dad died. We had a star before that. This year the smaller tree in our office has a $2 star I bought at WalMart that Abby thinks is the most beautiful thing in the world. The "official" tree in our living room has nothing on top of it since neither one of us could reach the top of the tree. In years past we've had angels and sometimes just a big ole bow.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Ooh, I want to see the fairy!

Shan, I avoided the "reaching the top of the tree" issue by having the smallest tree ever set on a chair. Of course this would never fly if I had a child or two or even a cat, but, you know, it's still spirit.

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