29 December 2006
word association

Saw this on
italian trivia a little while ago.

The rule is that you can type just one word--no explanations. I won't tag anyone, but feel free to play along if you like.

1. Yourself: clever
2. Your partner: thoughtful
3. Your hair: manageable
4. Your Mother: telephone
5. Your Father: Blazer
6. Your Favorite Item: Internet
7. Your Dream Last Night: couch
8. Your Favorite Drink: cappuccino
9. Your Dream Car: hybrid
10. Your Dream Home: secluded
11. The Room You Are In: kitchen
12. Your Ex: niente
13. Your Fear: losing
14. Where You Want To Be In Ten Years? mommy
15. Who You Hung Out With Last Night: P
16. What You're Not: flaky
17. Muffins: blueberry!
18. One of Your Wish List Items: SKY
19. Time: 3:42 p.m.
20. The Last Thing You Did: laundry
21. What You Are Wearing: sweater
22. Your Favorite Weather: autumnal
23. Your Favorite Book: many
24. Last Thing You Ate: chicory
25. Your Life: wow
26. Your Mood: up
27. Your Best Friends: American
28. What Are You Thinking About Right Now: dream
29. Your Car: Invisible
30. What Are You Doing At The Moment: breathing
31. Your Summer: uneventful
32. Relationship Status: engagedish
33. What Is On Your TV: nothing
34. What Is The Weather Like: sunshiny
35. When Is The Last Time You Laughed: “baby”

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Blogger Annika said...

Let me just say that it's pretty amazing and wonderful that your first thought about your life is "wow". That's how it should be for everyone!

Anonymous Cristina said...

Great list!

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