07 January 2007
beware of tigger

Anyone going to Disney World in the new year?

Here's a heartwarming story: Father says 'Tigger' hit his son at Disney Park.

And don't think this is the first time such allegations have come up either. Snopes is on it, but to save you a click through, one of the other claims came up a few years ago when another "Tigger" was accused (and then acquitted) of inappropriately touching a 13-year-old girl.

People. Come on!

Tigers *are* wild animals and attempting to snuggle with them can get you scratched, clawed, mauled, bitch-slapped, or molested.

And another thing, parents, do *not* leave your video camera at home if you're taking a trip to a land of life-sized plush characters.

Three words: Potential future lawsuits.

Happy theme-parking!



Blogger The Other Girl said...

I would expect this kind of behavior from that pantsless Donald Duck or what's-his-name, the big mouse, but I'm shocked to hear about Tigger. The kid must have smelled like an antelope or something.

Anonymous Rich said...

Yet another video of when Tigger Attacks!


Blogger sognatrice said...

TOG, I think I need to add one more piece of advice to this: Don't wear antelope perfume to Disney World. Should be obvious, but you know some people--have to spell everything out.

Rich, that link didn't work for me. I did a quick search for "tigger attacks" and I found some interesting footage though. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe PIMPA had someting to do with it. ha ha ha. (PImpa is the name for piglet here in Italy). I had to explain to them why it wasn't such a good name choice.... vanessa

That dad SO looking for a lawsuit. To me it looks like that kid did/said something to Tigger and he smacked him, which I am sure he deserved. hehe

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