04 January 2007
love thursday: one touch

When Karen at Chookoloonks started Love Thursday, which has since moved to only photo form,
this is what she had in mind.

Well, I'm taking the concept a little beyond expressions of love to encompass anything and everything that I love, makes me happy, makes my life easier, whatever--something that when I look at it, I feel warm and fuzzy.

And today, I offer you something that I truly love:

Yes, this thing really works the way they say it does. I see some disappointed reviews on Amazon, but I've been using it every day for about a month now, and I've had zero problems.

You put the One Touch can opener on the can, press the button, and can literally walk away and let it do its thing until it stops--by itself. Then you the lid of the can lifts off with the magnet on the underside of the gadget, and oh my goodness, how I love not struggling with the cheap handheld can openers that I've been subjected to here.

And it's battery-operated, so no power adaptor/converter issues to boot!

But I don't only love the One Touch for what it does. I also love it for what it represents. I've been bitching about the awful can openers here from about the second day I got here, and this here One Touch was in one of my many Christmas boxes from my mother.

Once again, Mom answered the distress call. Big time.

And that's love folks.

Happy Love Thursday!

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Blogger Giulia said...

Funny, before I even read the part that it was from your Mom, I had guessed it! Your Mom is so sweet!

Looks like a handy little gadget. I remember seeing them in the big store chains back in the states.
I ever bought one though because I had my trusty "no sharp edges" can opener. I loved that thing... until it broke!

Happy Love Thursday!

Blogger Shirley said...

Ah ha I was wondering what the thing was on top of the can,never seen one before. Looks like a good idea.

Blogger Gil said...

I've seen them advertised on TV here in the US but wondered if they worked. Thanks for the info. Pictures are great.


Blogger Deborah Ng said...

It looks like something I'd love - but my husband would yell at me about spending the money!

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