10 February 2007
getting to know me

Here's a little glimpse into me (or not me) inspired by Karla at Tales of a Texpatriate.

That means I stole the idea.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.

So, so me. Purr.

Pretty, but just not me.


Not me. Not by a long chalk.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.


Not me.

And last but certainly not least, me.

Absolutely, most definitely not me
(and Luna thanks me every day).



Anonymous Kathleen said...

Janis Joplin?? You probably weren't even alive when she was! But it's nice to know some of my fellow Calabrese remember the "old" days!

Blogger Delina said...

Turning down a Starbucks? Non so se sono d'accordo.... :) Great post!

LOL... I am so with you on the Starbucks front. I am not ashamed to admit I like Mariah and Janis. :)

Blogger Waspgoddess said...

Very funny, I so agree re Brad Pitt. Highly overrated man in my eyes.

Blogger The Other Girl said...

Aw, I love all the puppies (and Luna too!), stupid jackets notwithstanding. The "Not Me" kitchen, though, yikes. Even the Jetsons would think that was too much.

Very clever! Reveals a lot about you with just a word or two. Very effective.

(I'm with you on the last one . . .I hate it when people think it's so cute to dress up their dogs. We bought little Santa hats for our dogs and they ripped them off in 10 secs. We couldn't even take the picture. There's a message there!)

Blogger CJ said...

I agree - no to Starbucks and yes, to the real thing in real cups!

I love the concept though - it does say so much with a picture.

Blogger Gil said...

Boy did I cry the day that Janis died. To me that was they day that music died n ot when Richie Valens, Big Bopper, etc. died. My wife let me play the Janis tapes for hours that night. I still miss her. I agree on the coffee. Starbucks is like Mikkey D's - if nothing else is open and I am starving or dying for a coffee.

Blogger Decobabe said...

I mixed up the commentary immediately and got to the end of the page thinking, "Wow! She's nothing like I thought!" But I realized the last commentary was missing, so I went back to the top. I am relieved.
I have a place in me for most of what you posted, good or bad, except nasty Starbucks and Pitt could be OK as an actor if they made him up less pretty.
(NB if you dress your dog up and take him into a piazza, people smother him in love... think on it.)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Kathleen, you're right--Janis died six years before I was born, and Gil, I agree with you.

If I ever did happen to have a wedding and need a song, I'd have to pick my favorite of all time: "Call on Me" live version. That guitar solo. Wow.

Delina, I just can't get with Starbucks, and now having been in Italy so long, plastic cups are kind of offensive.

Glad to hear someone else feels me on the Brad Pitt thing. I just don't get it.

And yes, even puppies in sweaters (and Santa hats) are cute, but I just wouldn't subject my doggie to it--decobabe, my Luna gets enough attention naked. Owww!

Anonymous Judith in Umbria said...

I don't have a dog, but babysat one that didn't have much hair. Owner said, "If it is cold and raining he must wear this pleather mac." So we went to a festa in the piazza wearing our faux shearling mac. He never had a better time. I was thinking about getting one for myself.
When I was a working woman, I played Janis on my CD in the computer unless I had to use the CD for something else. Poor Janis.

Anonymous tongue in cheek said...

clever idea on how to show us who yoyu are! Thank you for coming by my blog and leading me back here!! (Fellow expat though mine in French style!)

Blogger Karla said...

It's amazing how much you can learn from someone merely by doing this photo meme.

Very cool....though we should talk about the Buffy thing....it took me a while to get into it, but I fell hard once I did....

Anonymous patti digh said...

This really made me smile. And I do believe, having identified fully with every choice you made, that we are sisters separated at birth... ;-)

Blogger sarala said...

Very cute. You're right, now I feel like I know a lot about you.

Anonymous JT said...

I think you should patent this Rorschachesque personality picture test and save the world from doomed relationships and years of wasted time...simply because of things they never knew...but could have discovered even before their first "Hello!" It's almost like I have known you since you were a baby! ;) JT

Blogger megnificent! said...

I enjoyed the pictures the most; although the story was good, as well. I feel I know you a little better.
My almost 16 year old son is really into Jimi Hendrix. I need to introduce Joplin to him. "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz,!"
We are coffee mongers! We have a friend from Honduras whose family owns a coffee plantation, and we get Honduran coffee about twice a year. Very different. Very cool.
I can relate to all of your pictures. Since I'm blonde haired & blue-eyed, I can't "hate" Brad, but I think I prefer dark brown hair & dark brown, chocolate-eyed mystery men. (I've been married to one for going on 19 years) I have a blonde-haired, blue eyed son, and a brown haired, chocolate-eyed son, so I'm a fan of both! :)
My daughter is brown-eyed & brown hair (like a mini-Julia Roberts or maybe Audrey Hepburn, since she's so tiny!)
But the one who truly stole my heart is Molly, my Jack-Russell, who has black & white fur and brown chocolate eyes!
Really enjoyed your post!

I loved this photo meme! It says so much more than just words. :-) I may have to borrow the idea from you one of these days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've gotta say, each and every "me" and "not me" were right on target with what my own "me's" "not me's" would be - especially Andy Garcia. Mostly, it's not how he looks, but the things I've read about him that make him alluring - family man, loyal to his ancestry, his country, his wife, his kids, his character and those that he portrays, his standards...and on and on. Where did you find these pictures?

Anonymous Heather said...

Hi, I'm new. I really like your blog and will be back for more! I think we're an awful lot alike in the me/not me's, though I am a Buffy girl as much as a Gilmore Girls type...

I think I am starting to collect the blogs of expats in Italy... I SO want to live there...

Blogger sognatrice said...

Welcome to all new commenters! I really liked this photo gallery idea because really, a picture does seem to be worth 1000 words.

Karla, you wouldn't be the first to try to sway me toward Buffy; I just don't think it's going to happen. Lucky for me, I haven't seen that show in Italy.

JT, it's all so clear when it's broken down like this, isn't it? And you know, I never really realized that you were actually old enough to remember my being born. You know what that means, don'tcha?

Megnificent, I don't *hate* Brad Pitt either; I just prefer the Andy Garcia look. A lot. And also, I echo what "Anonymous" said about Andy being the whole package. *sigh*

On that note, Anonymous, these pics are from all over the place, but if you'd like to know the origin of a specific one, let me know (can also send me an email); I could probably find them again.

And please, for everyone, feel free to borrow the photo gallery idea! I think it's genius (and I can say that, b/c it wasn't mine). Just be aware it can take a sizable amount of time....

Blogger stefanie said...

I love this idea! And I am with you on about 3/4 of your picks. :-)

Blogger Novel Nymph said...

A lot of you is me too!

Blogger Cherrye said...

I have never been so proud to be from Southeast Texas....(hometown of the great late Janice you are all so fond of)...

I am going to steal your idea - and I am not ashamed!


Anonymous something... said...

Its funny how I seem to share you taste in everything (except for the pink shoes). I even share your Calabrese background!

Blogger JT said...

Well, all that I know is that Andy Garcia is 8 years older and a half inch shorter than I am... :)


Anonymous Marmite Breath said...

It's all brilliant! I feel that I know you much better--all through a few pictures.

Blogger Sara said...

Well, I think that most of what you've said about "me" (meaning you) also applies to ME! We'd be buds, if we lived in the same day/night zone, I think... ;-)

Except for Brad Pitt. Overrated? Yes. Overexposed? Yes. Still good eye candy? YESSIR!

HAAA ha haaa... I loved this. Your writing is fabulous, and the me/not me idea is as well. I'll have to borrow it too.

...sisters, on every single subject save Starbucks. Sorry lady. They come out with some obscenely over priced goodies from time to time that I cannot resist. Although I agree on the plastic cup dis- I enjoy the feel of warm ceramic in my hands waaaaaaay too much.

OK - I am off to post photos of likes and dislikes. Thank you... inspiration!


Blogger Deb R said...

I loved this me/not me thing and I may have to borrow it at some point! I loved your answers, many of which I'd say too, but not quite all. (Which is a good thing, since it'd be boring if everyone was alike!)

Blogger Emsk said...

I'm so with you with the guys, Sognatrice. Brad does nowt for me, although you can't argue he's gorgeous. Preferisco il altr'uomo.

Anonymous turifungia said...

Che sito bellissimo: invidio l'eleganza dell'impaginazione e la ricchezza dei contenuti..
Ma come fai a scrivere così tanto? sei un fiume in piena..tanto rari negli ultimi tempi...

Blogger sognatrice said...

I see I wasn't very good about responding to comments here either, but I did want to say:

Turifungia, grazie di cuore!

Anonymous lisa said...

Just found your blog on -- actually, I don't know how I happened upon it. I read through your 100 things posts and just wanted to say that I too am from NEPA (outside of Scranton), totally remember SRAs, ohhhh Love's Baby Soft, and got to say your photo meme is right on!! I agree with you on every one. Off to spend some time browsing your posts...

Blogger sognatrice said...

Hi Lisa, and welcome! Hope you're enjoying your time visiting the blog and that you'll be back often...we could use some more NE PA around here ;)

Blogger stephanie said...

Hi, again! I really do love your blog, I just sometimes get so jealous about where you live (and I don't), it hurts to visit :)

Just wanted to say - we match so much with kitchens and couches and flowers and art but I do love the cult of Buffy...

I might just be stealing this meme from you soon. I will definitely give props.

be well*

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Stephanie, hello! Please feel free to use this idea--it was great fun to do, although it took *a long* time.

And I have to thank you for bringing my attention back here, because man do I love me some Andy Garcia.

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