26 March 2007
seven songs say so much

Well well well. If it isn’t The Other Girl up and tagging me with a meme.

Although The Notorious OG was tagged with something like “List the seven songs you’re currently listening to,” she adjusted the question to more reflect her own music habits so that it’s now “The Seven Songs I Would Pick If I Could Only Listen To Seven Songs For The Rest Of My Life, Which, Yeah, Like Someone Is Going To Impose That Condition On Me, And Assuming I Can Even Come Up With Seven.”

I prefer her version as well, so here are mine:

1. Me and Bobby McGee, Janis Joplin

One of my favorite songs of all time. It just beats out Call on Me, another Janis favorite, because it’s more upbeat and easier to sing along to. I like to sing along, especially if I only have seven songs for the rest of my life.

2. One Shining Moment (the theme song from March Madness), any rendition

The ball is tipped, and there you are
You’re running for your life
You’re a shooting star.
And all the years, no one knows
Just how hard you worked
But now it shooooows….

I’m quite certain I can do anything after I hear this song. After I wipe the snot from my nose, of course. The fact that I’m currently missing yet another NCAA tournament has nothing to do with this nostalgia either. I swear.

3. Everybody Hurts, REM

Because, well, sometimes, everybody *does* hurt, and I like for REM to share those moments with me.

4. Crash, Dave Matthews Band

For, ahem, intimate times, sometimes following those REM times if you're lucky. No pun intended.

5. The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Jackson

Hoo-hoo! You knock me off of my feet!

How can you not be happy when you hear this song (ignoring any and all creepy MJ vibes, of course)?

6. True Fine Love, Steve Miller Band

It was hard to pick just one Steve Miller Band song because I like them all so darn much, but the opening of this song always makes me smile. And stick my neck out and, alternately, in, like a turkey. Seemed like as good a reason as any for it to make the top seven.

7. Iris, Goo Goo Dolls

On my final song, I was pulled in many different directions. I mean, this is forever! Only! Seven! Songs!

And then I realized it’s just a meme (not to disrespect the Power of the Meme, of course), so I brushed aside something Sinatra, Connick Jr., or Van Morrison and went with a song I do happen to listen to an awful lot. The whole City of Angels soundtrack, actually, which is impressive because other than the soundtracks of
The Big Chill, Shrek, and The Blue Brothers, I don’t do that much.

And now the really fun part. I’m supposed to tag seven people to play as well. I’ve never tagged anyone, but what the hay. It’s Monday morning, and we only changed our clocks this past Saturday night, so I’m feeling like it’s only 7.15 a.m. as I type this, and well, Cherrye, Shannon, Karen, Loulou, Annika, Christina, and Giulia, you’re it! Feel free to use either version of the Seven Songs Meme.

If you do choose to validate our blogging relationship, and I so hope you do, leave me a comment to know where to find your list.
You wouldn't want to reject me on my first attempt to tag, now would you?

P.S. I'm trying out that Italian mamma guilt thing...how's it working?




Blogger Giulia said...

Ohhhh, my first tag!
I'm right on top of that, Rose!
Yeah, you're probably wondering why I called you Rose. If you've watched 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead,' you'll understand. ;) It's the first thing that came to mind. LOL

Great choice of songs! This is gonna be hard. *Off to think*

Blogger Jennifer said...

You're an attorney? I just saw your comment over at Petite Anglaise. You sneaky lawyer you! I had no idea!

Blogger Jennifer said...

Also, good songs!

Blogger The Other Girl said...

I have to say I am enjoying the rush of controlling other people's post topics. I wonder if I could somehow leverage this into other areas. sognaaaaatrice, yooooou willl baaake meee a bananaaaaa caaakkeeee. With an anchovyyyy in the miiiiidddllle.


Blogger Giulia said...

Done. You know where to find me. ;)

Blogger stefanie said...

Man, that's a high-pressure meme. Seven songs? For all of time? That said, I think you made some fine choices. I'd go with "Nightswimming" or "Find the River" over "Everybody Hurts," but to each her own, of course.

Only seven songs? impossible :)

We are down to the Final Four of March Madness now. Very exciting and yet sad for this Syracuse fan.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A wonderful mix of songs, singers, emotions here, Sognatrice. I think that says a great deal about a person too. The mix.

I really loved the "front door, back door" post. Really lovely. I cannot tell you how it touched me. So symbolic - of days gone by, of innocence, of youth, of so much. A glorious sensibility you have.

Blogger Curatrix said...

I don't get to come by often, but I love your blog. Always an interesting mix of topics and thoughts. Should you have a moment, stop by mine. I've only just started.


(Can't figure out how to make my blog's name appear on my profile. Some weirdo Mac/Safari/Firefox buglet.)

Blogger Annika said...

Okay, I have made my pick and it's too late to change now. Whew. Feels good to have that weight off my shoulders. It wasn't easy, I must say!

Blogger Cherrye said...

Ok Ok...this is my first tag, too...all of us "newbies" doing this together for the first time. Feels like...well, nothing I can mention anyhow! :-)

I am like that gal who tagged you, I am not a music lover, so this will be hard for other reasons...hmmm

Blogger Kimberly said...

Too weird! I'm listening to REM right now. Have you played around with Pandora.com yet? It's fabulous!

Blogger The Daily Rant said...

I am a fan of "Iris" and "Crash" (omg, I love that song) but I'd also have to add "#41" by Dave Matthews. Another sexy song, in my opinion.

Blogger Karen said...

Okay, done and done!

Blogger somepinkflowers said...

ooohh...got so excited about true fine love, steve miller band, that i commented in the wrong place!!!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Giulia, Annika, Cherrye, and Karen, thanks so much for playing; I know it wasn't an easy meme, but I picked those that I just *knew* would be up for the challenge ;)

Jenn, yes, I'm an attorney, but I'll take it as a compliment that you couldn't just tell :)

The Notorious OG (can't stop myself now!), maybe you can help me. I've been wanting to change my title to "bleeding anchovies..." and I have no idea why. Btw, the banana cake is in the mail, which means that according to Poste Italiane, it should be stolen by a postal worker any minute.

Stefanie, yes this is a toughie, isn't it? I should've tagged you! Ugh. Can I add you now? I like your songs too, btw, but you know something's gotta give when there are only room for seven. Actually I *love* Nightswimming, so maybe I could make a mix between Everybody Hurts and Nightswimming and call it one?

NYC, you're another one I *almost* tagged, so please don't let me stop you from racking your brain. I read your post about G-town, etc., but didn't have time to comment--I'm off to there now :)

Goodthomas, thanks for your kind words. I'm happy that you liked the kitchen post--one could say that it touched me as well as I was literally sobbing at the end of writing it. I love how writing puts you right back in those moments, feeling those emotions even when you may not want to feel them. The helplessness is beautiful.

Curatrix, thanks for stopping by; I'll check out your place shortly.

Kimberly, no I haven't tried out Pandora.com...are you going to be responsible for creating yet another addiction for me?

DailyRant, you are so right. If you'd like to play this meme too, I'd love to read your songs :)

SomePinkFlowers, does your head do the turkey bob too? I just luuuuurve that song, so I understand your comment falling on the wrong post. Once SMB gets in your head, it clouds all logic ;)

Phew, this comment should really count as a post if you ask me...thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts :)

Anonymous tongue in cheek said...

I like two kinds of songs
Those to listen to
and those that make me dance.

I like listening to Salsa; That is the one exception to this rule.

Blogger Sassy Sundry said...

Oh god, this one time, my neighbor listened to "Everybody Hurts" over and over all night long. I can't stand it anymore.

"Me and Bobby McGee"---Killer tune. Nice list.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Tongue in Cheek, interesting take. I like songs I can sing with and ones to listen to...I suppose dancing is optional for me.

Sassy, yeah, I can see that Everybody Hurts probably has been overdone by many--all it really takes is one severely depressed neighbor to ruin it for all of us....

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