30 July 2007
i'm a tomato blogger!

Go over to TomatoCasual.com and check out my post, The Tomato: A Relatively New Addition to the Dinner Table, and then click on the home page to see all the posts.

The site was just launched today, so be sure to bookmark it and/or subscribe so you can learn more about the tomato than you ever thought possible--its history, how to grow them, how to cook them, and much, much more.

On a personal note, I've spent all day today with some American friends in town (yeah for English!), and we're having a blast. Just got back from the beach, so it's time to shower off the sand and head to dinner.

Hope your Monday is/was just as lovely as mine!

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Anonymous Britt-Arnhild said...

Have a lovely time with friends and visitors :-)

Blogger Betty C. said...

A new blogging venture, how fun!

Anonymous Aimee said...

sounds like your monday is beating mine to bits! glad your having a good one. :)

Wow... it IS all about pomodori! :)

Think a balcony can grow some? I hope so...

Enjoy your friends :)

Blogger JennieBoo said...

Lucky girl!

I love tomatoes AND friends...

Guess we think alike.

Viva la pomodoro! (Did I do that right?)

Wow, so much about tomatoes!
Enjoy what sounds like a very "tough life"! :-)

Blogger Paolo said...

Farfallina: assolutamente sì!!

I had a friend who grew great ones in a container.

Davvero Paolo? ci proverò!

Grazie per il link :) I took a look at it already, just hope it works for me :)

Blogger chris & erin said...

how do you find all these crazy sites to write on?! I love it! Glad you had such a lovely day:)

Anonymous Frances said...

Glad you had a lovely days - the tomoto site is something - the first thing I saw was that gigunda pomodoro on the front page.
Ciao Bella,

Blogger Candace Dempsey said...

A nicely written piece on tomatoes. I'm going to show it to my cousins, next time they claim that Italy invented everything in the way of food.

Glad you're getting to use your English!

Italian woman at the table
Food-writing class: http://writers.com/dempsey.htm

Blogger qualcosa di bello said...

makes me hungry for a insalata caprese!! nice job & thanks for the link to a great site

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some tomatoes, some friends, the beach, life in Italy. Doesn't sound like a bad day indeed.

Thanks for overshadowing my Monday, but then your Tuesday through Sunday will beat mine as well. Oh well.

Blogger sognatrice said...

B-A, thank you much!

Betty C., thanks for commenting--I'm excited too :)

Aimee, hope your Monday turned out OK after all ;)

Farfallina, glad Paolo supplied you with that link; I'll think you'll be enjoying your own pomodori soon :)

Jennie, well technically "pomodoro" is masculine, so it'd be "il pomodoro," but I caught your drift ;)

AV & A, oh if only life were tomatoes, friends, and beach outings....

Paolo, thanks for stepping in there; and yes, tomatoes can absolutely be grown on balconies :)

Erin, I wish I could find more crazy (or normal) sites...income is a lovely thing ;)

Frances, isn't that pomodoro spectacular?!

Candace, thanks; your cousins sound *very* Italian :)

Qualcosa, hope you continue to enjoy the site as it grows!

Witnessing, you're always using different names; good think I can recognize you ;) Hope your Tuesday is more lovely than my Monday :)

Anonymous Sara said...

Fun, fun, fun! Happily bookmarked!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Sara, I think we're going to have a lot of fun over there; glad to hear you'll be joining us!

Also, thanks to everyone who went over to check out this exciting new site--especially to those who commented too ;)

Blogger stefanie said...

You're a tomato blogger? My word; there really is a niche for EVERYTHING! :-)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Stefanie, yes indeedy! I figure if people can have huge blogging success with knitting and other hobbies, why not the tomato right? Of course it wasn't my idea, but I do think it's rather genius ;)

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