20 August 2007
bella bags contest winner!

Two weeks, many gorgeous bags, and 91 (wow!) comments later,
we have a winner in the Bella Bags E-Party and Contest!

Bella Bags winner

Congratulations Robin!
I'll be in touch shortly about your bag.

And you can thank P as he's the one who drew your name from the basket.

Thanks *so* much to all of you who participated by commenting and/or buying a Bella Bag--
and special thanks to
Marcía, the wonderfully talented bag lady (hah!)
who made all this fun possible.

I'm off to bed now my peeps (it's after midnight where I am!).

A presto!



Anonymous Carol said...

Congratulations Robin!

Anonymous My Melange said...

Yeah...me!!!!! Honestly Sognatrice, I never win anything!!! Must be the birthday Gods smiling down upon me ;)

oh..thank you...thank you...and thank P for me too :)

Blogger Giulia said...

Congratulations Robin!
Awww man, Michelle, I was hoping that you would let Luna pick the name out of the basket. I promised to give her a new chew toy should she happen to pick my name! ;)
Enjoy your prize, Robin. :)

Blogger Sharon said...

Congrats to Robin....

Will we get to see the bag you picked for her???

Hi Sognatdrice, or D,

I like your blog but this (?) I did not understand, but however I'll come back again...

Visit mine I posted some Spain Pic's you might like that?

:) JoAnn

Blogger sognatrice said...

Carol, thanks for stopping to congratulate :)

Robin, well I'm happy that you won something here...those birthday gods are pretty good ;)

Giulia, perhaps you should've told Luna this *before* the name drawing! She likes chewing :)

Sharon, hopefully yes; I'm communicating with Robin now about what she'd like--or at least what she'd hate so I can avoid that ;)

JoAnn, these are the results of a contest I ran here on the blog to win a free bag; the original contest post is linked inside the announcement if you're interested...but anyway, I'm in the mood for a little Spain, so I'll be right over ;)

Anonymous Enza said...

Congrats Robin but P is so much trouble!! How could he not pick a Sicilian girl!!!:)

Anonymous Enza said...

that should have said in so much trouble not that he is so much trouble! UGH!

Blogger JennieBoo said...

Yay, Robin! Happy B-day!

You're a lucky dawg but I love ya anyway...:)

Congrats and thanks again for this fun contest, Sogntrice!

Blogger Jo said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I hope you drop in from time to time. -Sasha

Blogger sognatrice said...

Enza, hah! Freudian slip! If it had truly been up to P, I'm sure he'd have picked a Calabrese girl anyway ;)

JennieBoo, you're such a sweetheart :)

Jo/Sasha, my pleasure; and the same goes for you around here :)

Congrats Robin! That's so cool!

Birthday Gods... that's good, I'm writing it down for future reference...

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Blogger sognatrice said...

Scarlett, you still have a little while to get on those birthday gods...make those wishes good ones ;)

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