04 August 2007
crazy blog owner and his contest

At The Wooden Porch, I saw the following announcement:

Over at Ashwin's Blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

Seriously, head on over to see what this about, and then post the text on your own blog (and please link to me if you're feeling especially kind) for a chance to win $2500.

Also, watch this space for a very special, very first "Bleeding Espresso" contest coming soon, which was actually, I swear to you, planned before I saw this one. I even have the post ready and everything.

Apparently there are contests in the air.

Best of luck!

**EDITED: I must add here that a very trustworthy source has emailed to warn me that said Ashwin is fond of putting spyware on others' computers through the double-underlined links on his site; my source has also told me that I may, perhaps, be spammed "to death" once I am linked to him through Technorati. Hmm....

So, in sum, enter this competition at your own risk.

My contest (coming Monday!) won't have these issues (well, or a $2500 prize either).

I pinky swear.

**EDITED again: Turns out this guy was a big fat loser who basically created a new blog to "win" the contest, thus keeping the money firmly in his pocket while he stacked up an impressive number of Technorati links.

But if you did originally link to this guy, you can now replace it with a link to ContestBlogger.com for a chance to win (a real) $100 in the Ashwin Khanna Revenge Contest. Deadline is September 7.

Pretty nice of them if you ask me, and a cool site to boot.

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Wow, that's creative!

Now that's a hard core blogger :)

You have a contest coming up too Sognatrice? that's exciting! then again, you're one serious blogger too! :):):):)


Anonymous Rose said...

Wishing you the best of luck.

Blogger Shan said...

That for the heads up!

Can't wait for the contest!

In the next few weeks I will have my first contest, too. A random drawing actually for a medium t-shirt with the name of the band Cartel on it. :-)

Anonymous alicia said...

I've toyed with the idea of having a contest over at WritingSpark.com, but was always afraid no one would enter :( Yay for you for being fearless! Of course, you have a gazillion more readers than I do!

Can't wait for your contest! Pinky swears, as we all know, are oaths before God and to be taken very seriously :)

Blogger qualcosa di bello said...

see you on monday!!

Anonymous Judith up the road said...

If he spams me I shall damn him to Yahoo spam hell! I figured it was just a bid for link love.

Blogger SabineM said...

I can't believe what you just added! WOw, I will be more careful. I love contests! I will just stay with the ones I KNOW then! Can't wait til Monday!

Blogger Karen Cole said...

I'd like the prize to be those zucchini flowers cooked by you ASAP please. See ya tomorrow...or is it today?

Blogger Kathy said...

Hmmm...I was going to do this, but now I may reconsider. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous Kristen said...

2500...may be worth the risk!

Blogger sognatrice said...

For everyone who chose to enter, best of luck, and for those who didn't, I completely understand why.

I just wanted you all to have all the info that I have on it, and then be able to make your choice from there.

Farfallina, when you see the contest, you'll see how I came to the decision to have one--it certainly wasn't one that I've been planning forever....

Rose, thanks :)

Butterfly, looking forward to it!

Alicia, do it! And I pinky swear that I'll enter :)

Qualcosa, I bet I would've seen you anyway ;)

Judith, same here, and I like your planned course of action. Should I moan about this you think?

SabineM, knowledge is power! Yes, it's definitely good to be careful especially where the Internets are concerned.

Karen, I'm sorry that the zucchini flowers *won't* be the prize; I can't imagine what they'd look, smell, and taste like by the time they got to you! Blech!

Kathy, it's all in your hands :)

Kristen, that's kind of where I'm at too ;)

Blogger The Wooden Porch said...

I have gotten a LOT of spam lately, but only on my email, not my blog. Hm... I wonder if it's related?

Blogger sognatrice said...

I haven't seen an increase yet, but it's early I suppose....

I make pinky promises... but pinky swearing is new... I will have to try that out today!

...or as soon as the opportunity arises...

Scarlett & V.

Blogger sognatrice said...

I think pinky promising and pinky swearing are pretty much the same thing--only instead of promising to do something, I'm swearing to do it.

Promise sounds nicer, though, so I may have to use that from now on :)

Blogger JennieBoo said...


I could DEFINITELY use $2500.

I'm gonna go check it out!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Best of luck if you end up entering Jennie :)

Anonymous kailani said...

People, please do not link to his site. He does not deserve one more single link. He's a fake and a fraud. If you have already linked to him, please remove it.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Exactly Kailani. I probably should've made my EDITED at the end even more pronounced, but I figured most people that would even see this would get it through a feed reader, which means they've probably already seen it.

What a scammer, eh?

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