14 August 2007
what's that saying about wild horses?

Right, um, I know I said I wouldn't be around, but I have some things to share:

1. Want to know more about life as an expat? Check out my post, Top 5 Hidden Advantages of Being an Expat, over at ExpatInterviews.com.

2. Looking for a quick end-of-the-summer getaway in which there will be flying fruit? Put on your best Gallagher plastic and read my post, The World's Biggest Tomato Fight: Bunol's La Tomatina
at TomatoCasual.com.

3. Hankering for a bag o' books and bath goodies? Head on over to Welcome to My World of Dreams where you could win such a bag (if you're a US or Canada resident) or a $30 Amazon gift certificate if you're international like me--I didn't read too closely the first time around, but Judy Thomas was lovely enough to come over here and point out that we're *all* invited to the party celebrating the launch of Long and Short Reviews no matter where we live! Woohoo!

4. Missing What's Cooking Wednesday? Here are two food-related sites that I found recently and have fallen in love with: Chowhound.com and The Traveler's Lunch Box. Seriously. LOVE.

5. And finally, have you reached the end of the Internet? Don't know what else to read? Here are five posts/blogs I recommend:

  • Introversion at Crazy Dust in My Coffee. Being quite an introvert myself, I love how Ally Bean broke this down so that even the most extroverted of extroverts can understand--or at least I hope they can because I don't think it can be explained much better.

  • The Seven Virtues: Charity at The Verge. I could link to any one of former-Italy-expat Jennifer's posts and sing its praises, but since I love this particular one so much, here you go. I've never seen another blogger who incorporates fine art so seamlessly into her posts. It's too beautiful for words, really.

  • Mysteries of Life at Burnett's Urban Etiquette. This post is from a while ago, but I adore it as I do all of this Miami Herald contributor's stuff. James Burnett has a knack for pinpointing exactly what I want to say about a given topic *or* giving me a new perspective that I hadn't considered. I think that's cool, so you should read him.

  • Also, my naval is pretty at The Moon Topples. These are Maht's (grudgingly given) answers to a meme about what he likes about himself. I just heart the way Maht expresses himself through his various creative mediums, and I think a lot of you will too. If his answers to a meme made my recommended list, you know he's good.

OK, now I'm really vacationing from the blog. If I ever have children, you think separation anxiety might be a wee bit of a problem?

gulf of squillace, montepaone, calabria, italy
Still wishing you were here!

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Blogger Calabrisella said...

AAAWWW! i really do wish i was there...
thank you for the post suggestions...
have fun on your vacanza...

Blogger Giulia said...

You just can't stay away from us, can ya?! ;) The feeling is mutual. :)

Blogger jennifer said...

Thanks so much for your words and link- I visit here every single day, so I for one am glad that you're still around!

Blogger JennieBoo said...

Glad you're still posting and wishing I was there.

Wish harder! I'm still HERE!

Happy Wednesday!

Blogger stefanie said...

Seriously, Sognatrice, how do you find the time for all this web-mining?? Do you EVER leave your computer?? :-)

Blogger Kimberly said...

Wow, I hardly know where to begin! Thanks for all the yummy links!

Anonymous kailani said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! Love that view!

Great lists! Isn't Maht funny?



...um... where are we? It's lovely.

Scarlett & V.

Blogger Jen said...

Well, think of it this way - August is almost halfway over! Oh, these gorgeous pictures are making me SO want to be in Italy!

Blogger Shan said...

Glad to see you popped up. I miss you when you aren't around.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Calabrisella, can you imagine how much fun it would be if all of us took over the beach? All these Germans wouldn't know what hit them ;)

Giulia, no I really can't, and I'm happy to hear the feeling's mutual ;)

Jennifer, I meant every word I wrote, believe me. I just love visiting your place, whether it's home base is in Italy or Colorado :)

JennieBoo, if only I had a magic carpet....

Stefanie, you know what a lot of it is? I read pretty fast. Seriously, that's a huge plus in Internet surfing (I bet you understand this too). That, and, yes, I rather enjoy flitting around and seeing what's out there :)

Kimberly, take your time--the links aren't going anywhere :)

Kailani, it's been a great few days of *nearly* no work; I hope all is well in Hawai'i (I've been following news of the hurricane and earthquake!) :)

Scarlett, I'm so happy I found Maht, I have to tell you. Between him and GT aka David aka Witnessing Am I, I couldn't be more exciting when I see new posts on my Bloglines :)

Jen, I can't believe August is half-over! That means it's almost September, which means it's almost October, which means I'll be turning another year older...hmm...I don't like where this is going ;)

Shan, I'm glad to see you too; I really have become quite attached to my Internet friends--and I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

Anonymous My Melange said...


You need a vacation from your vacation ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I now need to read the others that you listed. There's always so much more to explore online, isn't there? *yeah* And there's never enough time to do it. *boo*

I'm loving your vacation photos! Makes me want to jump the next plane over! :-)


Anonymous Frances said...

What an excellent post - gotta give it a mention at the group.
I'm off to visit those links.
Take care,

Blogger JennieBoo said...


I have made something for you.

Please go here to get it:



Anonymous bella said...

Girlfriend, you are all over the place!
I hope you're having fun!! xo

Blogger Tarie said...

Oho! The Traveler's Lunchbox looks good. Thanks for the suggestions. :) Ummm, why are you taking a break from your blog? Sorry, I must have missed that post. :(

Blogger sognatrice said...

Robin, hah, as the days get ticked off the calendar, I'm beginning to think you're right ;)

Ally, you're right--there's so much great stuff out there and not enough time to find it; that's why I like when others share with me their picks too (hint hint) :)

Christina, I hear they fly those things every day now, so.... ;)

Frances, thanks for mentioning this to the group! I hope others enjoy the links as much as I have.

JennieBoo, you're such a sweetheart--thank you so much :)

Bella, I'm tellin' ya; thanks for stopping by :)

Tarie, I'm just taking a few days away to relax and regroup, or at least trying with P's family all here. You can see my "announcing of the vacation" post here :)

Blogger Beckie said...

All very interesting stuff to check out.

The picture is nice too - I wish I were there!

Blogger Jeni said...

Thanks for posting the many different things here for everyone to read. Gotta agree with you 200% on your opinion about James Burnett's Etiquette. He really does a terrific blog, doesn't he?

Its so great to follow your little tour, ( like the food part)give me some more SUN!!
It raining here all the time ...

Bye greetings from JoAnn
(cows today)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Beckie, I hope you enjoy the links :)

Jeni, yes, I do love stopping by Burnett's place; always something interesting happening.

JoAnn, I know you're sick of rain, but if you could send just a bit down this way, I'd be so grateful!!!

Blogger Mariposa Azul said...

Ciao ho visto il tuo commento sul blog di dna (mole verde), io sono messicana ma parlo italiano, ti lascio il link del mio blog in italiano, forse ti piacerebbe leggere un po'... saluti


Blogger Jeni said...

Just wanted to stop and tell you - huge procrastinator that I am, I finally got around to brass tacks and added your blog to my favorites list today. And also, to tell you I have a present waiting for you to pick up at my blog too! Stop by soon and get it!

Anonymous mcewen said...

Visiting from Jeni - congratulations on your award and I love that handbag! The other vistas are pretty spectacular too!
Best wishes

Blogger Jozet said...

Oh god...do I ever with I were there.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Mariposa, grazie per la visita e per l'informazione sul tuo blog :)

Jeni, thanks...I'll be right there!

McEwen, thanks! Have you entered the contest to win a bag??? Ends tomorrow!

Jozet, there's plenty of room :)

Blogger Eryn said...

i read your interview linked from your last blog post. I would love to go to Sardinia too. Hopefully I can convince my fiance to take me there when we're there in a year...he's worried about the long ferry trip (he gets motion sickness)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Eryn, thanks for checking out the interview; I hope you'll be sharing photos and stories from Sardinia next year too! There are lots of medicines your beloved can take for motion sickness ;)

Anonymous Christine said...

You live in a beautiful place.

Good luck with your bag extravaganza!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Thanks Christine, and thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Blogger Bongga Mom said...

If you give your future kids half the love and attention you give your blog, I'd say they will turn out allright! The problem is when you're at the computer and your kids clamor for your attention -- who wins? I'm ashamed to write down my answer :)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Bongga Mom, some things it's better not to talk about out loud ;)

Thanks for your kind words, though :)

Blogger Karen Cole said...

Yes, I do wonder how much time you actually spend blogging each day with all of the beauty around you. You find such incredible information and sites. When I was in Cortona last year at an art workshop, I used to call out once in a awhile to my fellow artists, for a reality check..... to look out of the window. Below us was an incredible view of the Tuscan hills.

I just don't want you to miss anything.....out the window, that is. You most certainly have a handle on everything else.


Hi just found you through my friend http://sicilyscene.blogspot.com/

love readings blogs from around the world.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Karen, thanks for thinking of me, but don't worry--where I am, I can hardly escape nature if I tried...especially with a dog who wants to go for at least 5 walks per day ;) You'll see some of what's kept me busy when I start posting regularly again :)

Anne, so happy you've found me! I've been enjoying your place too :)

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