27 September 2007

Lovely Luna filled out this meme a while back, and ever since Stella Bella found out, she's been pestering me for some blog time. Yeah, she goes through my archives when I'm not looking. Crafty, this one.

So here's Stella's first meme, as originally filled out by Mushu at
A Spot of T. You can check out Luna's meme here.

Not enough pooch talk for you? Check out our friends Phil and L over at the Dog Blog. They so crazy!

Stella BellaWhaddya mean you have to leave the house for three minutes?

1. What kind of dog are you? One that looks a lot like the other dog around here. I've heard that I resemble a Basenji and also a Cirneco dell'Etna. Whatever. I'm cute. That's all you need to know.

2. Are you a boy or a girl? I'm all girl, and, in fact, expecting.

3. How old are you? The humans think around 9 months, but I'm not telling.

4. Name one thing you received as a gift on your last birthday. Haven't even had one yet, at least not with these people.

5. Choose one word to best describe your physique. Wiry, and my mind is wily. Hah!

6. Share a quote. "Did I do that?" Steve Urkel.

7. Have you ever been stung by a bee? If so, where? Please don't put the malocchio on me.

8. Who's your strangest family member? Paws down, the other mutt. She does *everything* the humans tell her to. Weirdo.

9. Who's your favorite family member? Tie between the guy and the girl. They both give good petties and treats, so there's really no telling the difference between them most of the time.

10. Do you make an effort to be environmentally friendly? Yes. I'll "recycle" anything.

11. If you were given a blank canvas and water colors, what would you paint? The bunnies that the guy took me to see precisely once. I wonder why he hasn't taken me back there. Oh they were cuddly.

12. When is the best time for you to take a 20 minute nap? Only when everyone else is asleep, otherwise I'll miss something.

13. Your hair? "Every-freaking-where" says the one typing this.

14. What do you want to be in 10 years? A mom. I'm a shoe-in.

15. What you’re not good at. Saying no to strangers. I'll go to and take anything from anyone.

16. What are you wearing? Swollen nipples. It's a statement.

17. What aren't you wearing? My chastity belt. Obviously.

18. Your mood? Hungry. You got some biscuits in that pocket or what?

19. Your kitchen? Lovely. Would be perfect if that other dog weren't always up in here though.

20. What are you thinking about right now? Why there's chicken on the stove and not IN MY BELLY (said like Fat Bastard of Austin Powers fame).

21. Love? I got your love right here! Gimme a kiss! Or an ear! Or a leg! Mwaaaaaaah!

22. Foreign languages? I'm starting from scratch here, but I'm progressing nicely in English, Italian, and Calabrese. I'm smart.

Happy Love Thursday everyone
and Happy, happy Birthday Scarlett!

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Blogger Giulia said...

Puppies are on the way?! Weeeeeeeee
That was a cute read. Looks like Stella has really made herself at home. :)

Blogger Live From Tuscany said...

SO CUTE! I didn't know Stella was pregnant! What are you going to do with all the little Stellas?

Anonymous Enza said...

Congrats Grandma! :) and thanks for my morning laugh!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Giulia, it certainly seems that puppies are on the way. She must've already been sperminated when we got her. And yes, she feels very much at home here :)

Live, Stella's pregnancy has been a closely guarded secret up till now. We're going to hope for only one or two puppies (fingers crossed!) and then find the best possible homes for them. More than 2 dogs is just too much for our living situation--although I'd *love* to keep them.

Enza, thanks, and you're welcome ;)

Blogger Karina said...

OH yay, congrats to Stella on her impending mommyhood.

This was a fun read!

Anonymous Sara said...

Hee -- little white paws! I love the little white paws!

You know what I love best about this post? The promise of puppy pictures in the not too distant future. :)

Blogger flutter said...

I love her I lOOOOOvvvvVVvveeeEE her

Blogger anno said...

What a darling! And so smart, too! (I liked the wiry body, wily mind remark.)

Looking forward to seeing those puppies...

Blogger sognatrice said...

Karina, thanks, we think ;)

Sara, let's just hope my camera arrives before the puppies....

Flutter, me too!!!!

Anno, she's a clever one for sure. I'm getting excited for the puppies myself :)

Anonymous Sabine said...

hihi... I really loved this one!! She speaks exactly how she looks at ya LOL! How exciting to have more of her on the way. :)

Blogger Taffiny said...

We had 12 puppies once. But I do hope you just have 1-2, much easier to find homes for.

She sure is cute. (bit too friendly apparently but...)

Blogger stefanie said...

Only nine months old and already knocked up? I think there's an after-school special in there somewhere... ;-)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Sabine, yes what you see is what you get with our Stella!

Taffiny, oh, please don't mention numbers like 12 to me. Stella's quite small, and she doesn't have much of a belly right now, so I'm *really* hoping to keep the little ones at 3 or below. Seriously, paws crossed.

Stefanie, so true. So true.

Blogger Rasa Malaysia said...

I looooove dogs...thanks for telling us about the dogs blog...heading over there now. ;)

Blogger Gil said...

Wow! Congratilazioni Nonna Shelly! Good thing you are getting a bigger house.

Blogger Cynthia Rae said...

What a cute baby! Congrats on the future puppies.


Blogger sognatrice said...

Rasa, you're very welcome. And if you have a doggie, I hope s/he will agree to guest blog at the Dog Blog! And thanks for visiting here as well :)

Gil, ain't that the truth!

Cyn, thanks. It'll be my first time delivering puppies. Should be interesting....

Blogger Maryann said...

"please don't put the malocchio on me"..that's so funny!

PUPPIES! I can't wait to see and read all about them. Thanks for explaining malocchio. I'm an Irish girl that grew up in a very, very Italian neighborhood in Boston. Everyone had those plastic red horns. I have a vague memory of winning one at some Saint's fair. I never knew the story behind them.
-Coleen AKA Bambino Balent's Mom

sognatrice, you outdid yourself with this post. It was so funny, witty and smart.

Congrats to Stella on her puppy news. I'm glad she has found a good home to watch over her.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Maryann, would you believe that Stella was chasing a bee today? Aaah!

Coleen, glad to clear up the malocchio mystery. Now I hope you have your plastic horn ready.

NYC, it's aaaall Stella. Her head's on my lap as I'm typing right now. She's just too cute for her own good.

Blogger Jeni said...

I love reading a post that starts out sounding somewhat calm, peaceful and midway catches me totally off guard and I start to giggle, then pretty soon, I'm sitting here laughing out loud and thankful my 17-month-old grandson sees nothing wrong with that. Loved the dog's responses! Really a picker-upper for sure!

Oh my goodness! You are going to have PUPPIES!! Lucky duck! One day I hope to be settled and rooted enough to have a dog. She is adorable. If we lived in Calabria, I'd have my name on one of Stella's!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Jeni, Stella's so happy that you were laughing! She's a silly one, you know ;)

Jenn, believe me, you'd have first choice if you were here :)

I love her eyes, and I LOVE her answers!

What a funny girl! Wild thang!!

Congrats on the new additions, can't wait to see pictures of them!

And thank you, sweet friend, for remembering my birthday. Sorry I got here late for it!

Big hugs and ear scratching (for the little girls, of course)

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Blogger sognatrice said...

Scarlett, I like my ears scratched too!!!

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