19 October 2007
olive's 108 years young!

As you probably know, yesterday was my birthday. Thank you all *so* much for all the wonderful wishes and e-cards; I will respond as soon as possible, but my Internet connection is still not letting me on most pages (and when I can access something, it's taking forever). Pazienza.

Should be fixed by tomorrow, they say! What's that? You have a bridge you want to sell me?

Anyway, continuing with the birthday theme, now it's time for me to pass along some very special wishes to one of my most favorite bloggers in the whole wide blogosphere:

Olive Riley
Most Mature Blogger in the World
Ms Olive Riley of The Life of Riley turns 108, tomorrow October 20:

Happy Birthday Olive!
I first introduced you to Olive here, and her adventures have only gotten more interesting with time. She is truly an amazing woman, and I hope that you'll also post a birthday greeting for her on your blog (and then go comment on her latest post to let her know) or simply go over to Olive's place and leave a birthday wish.

Let's make 108 Olive's best birthday yet!

*Special thanks to Time Goes By for organizing this e-party for Olive.*

**Also a very happy birthday to my partner in crime across the pond Jenn;
hopefully we'll get to celebrate together again one of these years!**



Blogger Gil said...

I saw that on one of the news sites. Hard to believe as I know people half her age that can't use a computer. What an excuse to bake another cake!!

Blogger Giulia said...

Wow, I remember when you posted about her back in March and thought to myself how amazing it was that she was 107. Now, she is 108! God bless her and I hope she celebrates this day the happiest way possible.
Happy BIrthday to Jenn, too!

Anonymous My Melange said...

Wow!! 108!!! I can't beleive that...and she looks spectacular for 108....I wouldn't have thought a day over 90 ;)

Go Olive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Olive. I saw a story about her on ABC News. I like her zest for life!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow 108 years young, and she still looks great!!

Happy belated Birthday to you!!

Ooh - I like your new hairdo!


Anonymous bella said...

Happy belated birthday to you my dear. xo

Anonymous bella said...

Happy belated birthday to you my dear. xo

Blogger Geggie said...

So funny, I just found Olive's blog this week. She's a hoot!

That's wonderful!

I'll pop right over and spread the birthday cheer, thanks for letting us know!


Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Blogger Karina said...

Wow 108 and blogging! I love it...I'll definitely be heading over to wish her a happy birthday!

Blogger Roam2Rome said...

Gee, a 108 year-young blogger! How great is that? She rocks! Good stories pick me up :)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Gil, I had no idea Olive was on news sites...and you're right about the cake ;)

Giulia, Jenn thanks you :)

Robin, she does look fabulous, doesn't she?

NYC, ABC--wow!!!

Sandy, thanks and thanks :)

Bella, thanks!

Geggie, you are lucky to have found her--never a dull moment!

Scarlett, I knew you would ;)

Karina, thanks--I know it'll mean a lot to Ollie :)

Roamer, isn't it great to hear *good* news for a change?!

Blogger Geggie said...

I'm so excited to check your blog everyday hoping for puppies. I can't wait for them to be born.

Blogger Taffiny said...

Happy Birthday to Olive,
how wonderful to be alive and so full of life.

(I told Bob, about a month ago, that I want to live to be 112, he told me I couldn't afford to live that long. Bad, bad man.)

That's amazing! :) Hope I'm blogging when I'm that old.

Blogger Ally Bean said...

What a cool person. Amazing. I can't even fathom 108-- or 54 for that matter! Thx for the link.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Geggie, I hope you've been satisfied :)

Taffiny, bad, bad man perhaps, but very smart. Very, very smart.

Cynic, me too!

Ally, I know--when Gil mentioned people half Olive's age, I realized just how far I have to go before I hit 108!

Anonymous tongue in cheek said...

Olive is amazing! Happy Birthday!

Blogger sognatrice said...

Thanks for adding your wish Corey! I know Olive appreciates it :)

Blogger Shameless said...

I love this story ... warms the cockles! :-)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Does, doesn't it Shameless?

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