25 November 2007
little weaners

Ladies and gentlemen, we have weaning!

little weaners
The puppies are already 5 weeks old! Can you believe it?

They actually started the Big Wean five days ago and *all* took to it immediately. They still want their doggie mamma, of course, but now they also yipyipyip for me when I come into the room.

Ain't nothing like puppy yips.

30 days of thanks
Today I'm thankful for:

Everything going smoothly so far with the puppies. I had read all the scary stuff about what *could* go wrong, and I have to admit I was more than a bit nervous when it all started really happening.

As neither P nor I have ever done this before, I count us very lucky that the first five weeks have fallen into place nearly by themselves.

It's a lot of work to be sure, but the excited cries when they see me, those adorable eyes staring up at me, the puppy growls and barks while playing with one another, the quiet moments of fuzzy belly-stroking--they make it more than worth it.

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Anonymous alyndabear said...

They're all so precious - and puppy yips! Aint nothing better indeed.

You've done such an amazing job with them all. xo

Blogger Ryan said...

They are so big already! Have you found homes for them all yet? When do you have to give them away?

Blogger qualcosa di bello said...

wow...they are really growing! & cute! phil & L. were rescue dogs...L. was over a year old & phil was 2.5 years when they came to us, so we missed all this sweetness.

Anonymous Something... said...

Gee... a rainbow of doggy colours.

Anonymous Sara said...

You read my mind. I was just wondering how the dear little beasties were doing.

So cute! Yip! Yip! Yip!

Blogger Jannis said...

Those dogs are very lucky to own you.

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Alyndabear, thank you kindly :)

*Ryan, we've found a definite home for one of the them, possible homes for two others. Still leaves us three to go. There's no set time on when we *have* to give them away, but as soon as possible after they're fully weaned would be great since 2 dogs are plenty around here (not that I wouldn't love to keep them all of course) ;)

*Qualcosa, when I was little, our female dog had puppies, but now I realize that I remember *nothing* of their puppydom. Luna, Stella, and my other dog from the US were all about 8 months old when I got them, so this is my first chance to be around such little ones :)

*Something, yes, they definitely have a range :)

*Sara, more news on them later in the week too!

*Jannis, well own me they do, that's for sure!

Blogger Taffiny said...

Not a clickable?
I double clicked on the photo so many times, on each puppy in the circle, that your blog got annoyed with me and froze, and I had to leave and come back. And promise not to do that again.

Very cute.

Now they appreciate their Nonni. (or is it Nonna?)

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Taffiny, hmm, it's clickable for me, but it's not a great photo anyway. Even my fastest speed (that I know of) catches blurry puppies. I need to learn more about the camera obviously.

I'd be Nonna and P would be Nonno, only he has refused said title. He prefers "Babbo" which just means Daddy. So I'm going with Mamma and Stella is forced to share custody. Sometimes humans just pull rank I guess.

Sorry my blog is being so rude to you.

Blogger Deb R said...

Aaawwwww....they're all just SO cute!!!

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Deb, thanks :)

Blogger SUEB0B said...

Aw I love me some little fat puppies.

Blogger cheeky said...

Oh my! I gushed at this picture. Those little "weaners" are too yummy and I wish I could scoop them up and give them wee kisses and cuddles.
I can only imagine the work and care involved with these little ones but I know what joy they bring to our lives.
Each one different in colour from the other. How neat is that? Seriously, I'd be first in line to take one if I could. Are we sure FedEx doesn't do puppy shipments?
Love to you and those little ones.

Blogger flutter said...

Oh they are sooooo sweet!

There is no way one cannot smile nor be completely present when with a puppy. What a gift!

Blogger tut-tut said...

Hello! What lovely pups.

Anonymous acumamakiki said...

puppies and kittens...my two favorite words. how cute!

Blogger janeywan said...

Having a liter of puppies is so much fun. We had eleven, seven years ago, two of which we kept.

Dogs have been tying us down for years. In our case it's much worse than children. People will volunteer to babysit kids. Four dogs on the other hand not so much. Kenneling would cost as much or more than a vacation.

Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said...

How adorable are they? I bet you're having fun... even if it's a lot of work (and I'm sure it is)!

Blogger elena jane said...

aren't they precious :-)

Blogger Shameless said...

So you're keeping all of them ?? Yipppeeeeee!!! :-)

soooo cute!

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Sueb0b, they're not fat, just furry ;)

*Cheeky, oh if FedEx would do puppy shipments, you'd certainly have first pick :)

*Flutter, yes especially when they *won't stop* crying ;)

*Jeni, a gift indeed!

*Tut-tut, welcome, and thanks :)

*Acumamakiki, the little one are so precious, aren't they?

*Janeywan, you're right about animals tying you down. We have the two princesses, but P also has rabbits and chickens...those are hard to leave behind.

*Jen, it is a lot of fun--definitely tries the patience too ;)

*Elena Jane, thanks, and thanks for stopping by :)

*Shameless, well we're keeping all of them as long as we absolutely have to. I'm hoping some people who visit around Christmas will want a little one to take home....

*NYC, thanks :)

Anonymous myfrenchkitchen said...

This is my first visit to your blog...and you are very dynamic in evrything you do, such a pleasure to see and read! These puppies are adorable and there is no doubt they give(and enjoy) a lot of love, like all pets do!

Anonymous alexmom said...

M O R E P I C T U R E S please.

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Ronell, thanks! I enjoy my time at your place too :)

*Alexmom, I think that can be arranged....

Blogger SabineM said...

Nothing like puppy breath! HOw cute!!

Blogger Tui said...

Awww! They are adorable. So cute and chubby. Glad to hear they're healthy. How I wish I could adopt a couple...

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Sabine, we've got plenty of it here ;)

*Tui, aw, come on...it'd be worth the trip down, that's for sure :)

More big smiles!

They are SO CUTE! HAH!
I haven't read whether or not you named them all yet... have you?

puppies are very sweet.

Scarlett & V.

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Scarlett, come on--you know you want to come and claim one (or four) ;)

We haven't named them yet, but I do kind of like the idea that Sara put out a while ago...latte, caffé, cappuccino...hee hee....

Blogger Beanie said...

Awwww... now that is just tooo precious. :o)

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Beanie, I have to agree ;)

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