03 December 2007
decorate your own virtual gingerbread house!

Well it looks like November caught up with me. Near the end of the last week, I started getting awful stomach cramps and they lasted pretty much through the weekend. And then I got feverish. And nauseated. And muscle-achy. Etc. Blech.

Basically I and most of the school age children in the village have fallen ill with a nasty version of the stomach flu. You see, I had the privilege of riding the bus with them several times in the past couple weeks...to and fro from the Internet café.

If you don't know, the public and school bus are one and the same around here. Lucky public, I know.

Anyway, I'm very behind on answering comments and emails because I've been spending a lot of time sleeping, but I did have a chance to look at some of my favorite blogs over the weekend. So glad so many of you are still posting like mad!

One thing that I saw and had to share was a post on London Southern Belle with a link to Home Sweet Home--and a virtual gingerbread house that you can decorate yourself!

I probably won't decorate my own house too much this year because I have moving boxes everywhere, not to mention puppies, so we're a bit crowded; this gingerbread house was just the thing to help get me in the holiday spirit.

pimped out gingerbread house
Never one to skimp on decorations (hi Scarlett!), I used about 90 percent of the little available doodads on that site. Too much fun!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did--and, by the way, check out
Allsorts, the blog with Home Sweet Home as that Jenny B Harris is one crafty woman.

And for those in Italy watching Sky--Happy Lost Season 3 Finale tonight! Woohoo!

P.S. Be sure to head over to Sara's Ms Adventures in Italy for today's Dolce Italiano recipe (Sicilian Pistachio Cookies) and comment to enter the drawing for a free copy of Dolce Italiano by Gina DePalma. See full contest rules here.

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Blogger Giulia said...

Stomach bugs are terrible! The only good thing that ever comes out of it is that one could lose a pound or two. Not that you need it! I'm off to decorate my gingerbread house. Looks like fun!
Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous Mauryn said...

Hope you feel better!
I was just going to say what giulia said, but she beat me to it.
Take care!

oh no, hope you feel better soon!

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Giulia, I wish I had a scale because I'd be interested to see if I've lost anything. If I haven't, there's no way my body would ever take to being anorexic...holding onto every bit of fat for dear life (literally).

*Mauryn, well thank you :)

*A, thanks. I already feel a lot better than I did on Thursday night, but still not 100% :(

Blogger Karina said...

Sending well wishes your way, stomach bugs really are the worst!

I'm off to decorate my gingerbread house too! ;-)

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Karina, thanks for the good wishes--have fun decorating!

Blogger Maddy said...

Too cute and so much cleaner!

Please try my duplicate "loads like a dream" blog over "here."

Blogger The Other Girl said...

Eek, the stomach flu is the worst. I'm glad you're feeling better.

They haven't started showing season 4 of Lost here yet. It's been so long since the end of season 3, I can't remember what happened.

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Maddy, thanks for your comment :)

*TheOG, well I'm glad you don't remember. Lessens the chance of spoilers ;)

Blogger Deb R said...

Oooh, the gingerbread house looks fun!! I'm not going to decorate for the holidays this year either. With both a puppy and a kitten in the house at the moment I can't imagine anything I'd put up would survive.

I hope you feel better!

Blogger cheeky said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. Blech is right. I started with a soar throat, then it went to a stuffed up head (awful)and cough and now I'm achy. I will be happy when it's over. Really Happy!
I'm on my way to check out the links.

Blogger cheeky said...

Too funny! When I visited the link I realised I had already been there via another blog I've been frequenting.
that place is colourful and the gingerbread house is such a fun idea. I'm a kid at heart. I think I may have to decorate one.

Blogger somepinkflowers said...

i had *way too much fun*
decorating that gingerbread house!
there is something so satisfying about it,
isn't there.
plus, i like how you can change
your mind and
move things around again and again.
so hard to do in real life
with sticky icing.


thanks for the happy diversion!

so sorry about your sickness.
but ME, TOO.

like you, i think mine came
was nearness
to little nose-dripping children.
what are you going to do?
they are every where...

hope you are feeling better.
but, take note:
watch out for the pups!

my cat was even sneezing
for a few days there...
take care.

Blogger Maryann said...

Feel better sweety! The gingerbread site is fun..thanks :)

Blogger Beanie said...

Oh my goodness... do NOT tell me you are a LOST fan too? I stayed home sick today (strept throat/fever) and have been having myself a little LOST marathon, watching Season 1 ALL day!! I love it... of course, here in the States we are anxiously awaiting season 3 on DVD next week and hopefully, season 4 will begin as originally planned in February. It's my favorite show on tv! :o)

Blogger african vanielje said...

I never lose anything from stomach bugs. Well, technically I do, but then I eat like a bear about to go into hibernation for weeks afterwards, just to make up for it so normally end up gaining a few pounds. I had the J-lo bottom before it became famous. Anyway, hope you feel better. Sending you some cyber soup - chicken noodle of course. xxx

Oh! Feel better! Chicken soup, orange and lemon juice, hot tea...

Sending hugs and healthy thoughts your way.

*giggled* at your note about decorating! I did actually get most of it up on Sunday afternoon; I HAD to, I couldn't take it anymore, plus my eyes were bugging out of my head from staring at the computer screen for three straight days doing school work.

So... it's in the works!
And NOW I have lovely fun Christmas things to decorate my blog with! YAY!
Thank you very much!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Deb, I think you're right about the decorations; I'm sure you'd spend more time trying to put everything back up than doing anything else ;)

*Cheeky, hope you're feeling better, and how about that? You're always a step ahead of me ;)

*SPF, I completely agree with the ability to change your mind. Having a plan in mind for a virtual gingerbread house *before* you begin sounds like way too much pressure ;) Hope you and your kitty are feeling better!

*Maryann, thanks! Hope you enjoy decorating!

*Beanie, we are *addicted* to Lost in this house, and last night did not disappoint. We don't even know when Season 4 might come on here, but probably next fall. *sigh*

*AV, you're too funny :) Thanks for the virtual soup. It's cyber-tasty!

*Scarlett, excellent advice. And I really hope you'll share photos of your decorating prowess....

Blogger elena jane said...

ick, tummy bugs. i'm spraying cyber lysol on your blog....just say NO!!!

hope you're feeling better by now :)

Blogger Taffiny said...

Drat, I have to wait till tomorrow as Cheese thinks he should be decorating the gingerbread house instead, and wont let me do it in peace "oh that looks awful, I wouldn't do that, no no no, do this instead". He isn't allowed on computer today, because he is being punished for refusing to wear his coat! (in 30 degree weather)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool idea...and a heck of a lot less work than making a real one. Doesn't smell as good though... how are those pups anyway???? Me thinks it's time for another pup photo!!!

Blogger sognatrice said...

*Elena Jane, cyber Lysol! Love it! I am feeling better, thank you :)

*Taffiny, I'm cold just *thinking* about 30 degrees! I'd be wearing my coat! Guess that means I get to decorate another house :)

*Anon, pups are on the way :)

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