08 January 2008
bloggers' generosity (plus more contests)

The other day I mentioned how kind the blogging community has been to me lately. Now I'm going to give you the details.

First, just before Christmas I received a care package of a crazy amount of cross stitch goodies from my friend Concetta of An Italian-Scot's Stitching Journal.

Check out my favorite, "The Dreamer," which some of you may remember is what "Sognatrice" means in Italian:

The Dreamer
As I told Concetta, I think this would be gorgeous in a little girl's room. Now I just have to get me a little girl . . . .

Grazie mille Concetta!

Then the Italian postal service continued to bless me with actual delivery when My French Life by Vicki Archer arrived just after Christmas.
I had won this book in a contest over at Robin's place My Melange.

This book is *gorgeous* and if I didn't want to head to France to visit my expat Froggie bloggie buddies, I sure do now (although truth be told, I did before anyway).

My French Life by Vicki Archer
Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well by Pelligrino ArtusiAnd then I got news that I also won a contest over at Valerie's 2 Baci in a Pinon Tree. I know! What did I step in, right?

Valerie was compiling a list of expat bloggers in Italy and offered up some fabulous prizes: a copy of Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well by Pelligrino Artusi (English translation) and--get this!--"hand-crafted chocolates from the best darn cioccolateria in Le Marche." Woohoo! *So* exciting!

And then I read that Geggie of So...What Else? What Else? What Else? is having a contest giving away some Burt's Bees goodies. Well I'm on a lucky streak, so of course I had to enter--and you should too!

But wouldn't you know it? I'm already a winner! In the contest post Geggie asked for a little technical help and has now offered to send me some fun stuff as a thank you. Thank *you* Geggie!

Speaking of contests, head on over to Grace's Sandier Pastures and leave a comment explaining why you need a new blog design--and you just might win one.

And finally I got a big ole virtual bacio from Jenn at The Verge. She wrote some truly wonderful, heartwarming thoughts about me which mean so much coming from a blogger who I just love visiting.

So I'm passing along this:

to Concetta, Robin, Valerie, Geggie, and Grace (and back at Jenn) for their generosity and kindness not only to me but to all of us who are lucky enough to have found them.

This blogosphere just keeps on giving I tell you, and I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of it.

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Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said...

And you deserve each win for giving us all so much every day!


I'm so excited for you! How cool!

Hope that smooch you got spreads the luck too... ;o)

*LOVE* the photos... such beautiful work.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Blogger traveller one said...

Winning is soooooooooo wonderful! I'm glad you're on a winning streak- you do deserve it!

Blogger Loulou said...

You need to come visit us expats in France. I hope the photos in that book get you here soon!
You definitely deserve all the great gifts you've received.

Wonderful Brilliant..hip hip hooray. Yes you have been rewarded for cheering us up each day :-)

Blogger anno said...

Gorgeous rewards, and well-deserved, too!

Blogger Karina said...

It's so true, the blogosphere is just full of gifts, material and otherwise! Congrats on all your little prizes and things. That first cross stitch of the Dreamer is beautiful.

Blogger Geggie said...

Thanks for the shout out. Your box of goodies went in the mail today! Hope you receive it soon.

Blogger Shan said...

Yay! And smooches back to you!!

Blogger Stefanie said...

Wow. It is your lucky week! Time to buy some lottery tickets, perhaps!

Good for you. I wish you plenty more luck and good things in the future. :-)

Blogger somepinkflowers said...

you are so lucky
i came over here to rub
your blog
for *good Luck*


i think it is working
as i found some winning links

so thanks for that!

Blogger sandierpastures said...

This is a surprise! Thank you for mentioning my first contest!

You deserve all the good stuff you won because of your dedication. You give us readers a very good reason to come back here for more. Goodluck on the crossstitch (you received a kit to be worked on, not the finished product, right?)! It is really beautiful.

Thanks for the smooch!

-Dubai's Grace-

Anonymous My Melange said...

Wow! Really, what did you step in???? Congrats on all of your recent luck!! I am glad you like the book...and I am even happier to know it arrived in one piece :)

Blogger witnessing am i said...

Even though the blogging community seems to have given you so much lately, I would venture to say that you get little in comparison to what you give.

Congratulations on your winnings. And what you did step in . . . um, you still have a little on your heel and you got some on the rug in the hallway.

I can't think of anyone more deserving!

Blogger Jane said...

What a great year this is going to be! Can't believe I'm going on 2 years of blogging and finally hitting my stride! Happy, happy new year to you!

Blogger Bren said...

Congrats on all of your good luck!

I've been reading your blog for a while and wanted to delurk tolet you know how much I enjoy it.

My grandmother was from Mazzara del Valle so I live vicariously through your stories of Italy.

Anonymous Lilian said...

What fortune, Sognatrice! Happy New Year. I'd taken a break from blog-reading in the last week, but I resolve to keep up with yours this year. I look forward to your post on the Artusi book (a classic)...you will be writing about it, won't you? I just read your post on La Befana from last year--very funny.

Anonymous http://dreamingofparadise.wordpress.com/ said...

I think that is great! I hope I make those kinds of friends on here too. I think I've got a good start. Great way to start off your New Year too!

Blogger Dana said...

You deserve every bit of it for all of the fabulousness that you've sent out into the universe! Congratulations! :)

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