18 January 2007
my birthday gifts have arrived!

Here's the postmark:

Today is January 18.

My birthday is October 18.

At least the number of the day is right.

Thank you Poste Italiane (and Jenn)!

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Blogger -R- said...

Where has it been all this time?????

Blogger sognatrice said...

Oh, R, a question for the ages. And for the Italian Postal Service (but they won't answer). I should have added that I also had to pay 5 euro to get the mysterious traveling package, but I don't want to sound whiny.

Blogger Karla said...

Your birthday is the same as my best friends...and the same "day" (18) as mine...I'm Aug 18.

5 euros is not bad for all that...you should see the duties they charge in Norway!

And, your blog is really nice looking..

Blogger sognatrice said...

Hi Karla, small world! I have a good friend whose bday is Aug 18th though :) No, 5 euro wasn't bad, actually, but the annoying part is that it's the luck of the draw on whether you have to pay anything at all here. I've gotten huge packages worth a lot more and paid nothing, but another time they wanted 90 euro for some used books! I raised some minor hell, though, and magically, the customs tax disappeared...hmm...thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous J.Doe said...

Since you received your birthday gifts late, I'll also wish you a happy birthday late.

Blogger Annika said...

I have that book! Desiring Italy, that is. I read a short story in it every now and then.

Blogger Becslifeonline said...

Ha ha oh dear - that doesn't say much for the Italian Postal Service does it? :-) But they look like very nice presents so I'm sure it was worth the wait!

Blogger The Other Girl said...

Wow, that took forever to get to you. It's a nice surprise, though -- like finding a twenty you forgot about at the bottom of your purse.

Blogger Christina Arbini said...

Too funny about the postal service. I remember when I was there the actual shop keepers even told me not to mail anything (no souvenirs or even postcards) home unless I was mailing them from Vatican City, if not a whole other country I was about to travel to! LOL! At least they know it sucks and will admit it. ;-)

Oh, and I received "Coffee With Nonna" last Christmas. Reminded me of many family members. :-)


Blogger sognatrice said...

Thanks J. Doe :) Yesterday I turned 30 and 1/3. It was awesome!

Annika, I noticed that one of the first blurbs in the book is taken from a letter by...Virginia Woolf. How's that for coincidence?

Bec, OTG, Christina, meglio tardi che mai, they say; better late than never. So yes, I'm very grateful to have new books and underwear this morning :)

Blogger Delina said...

Definitely better late than never. I would have probably given up on the package ever arriving after so long.

3 months is appalling, really.

Blogger Bongga Mom said...

We just this week got a Christmas package from my in-laws (who live in England). It was mailed on December 12th so took over 1 month to get here. My in-laws were devastated that it didn't get to us in time for Christmas and have probably lost faith in the US Postal system (at least during holiday time).

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