20 March 2007
ode to march

For my second Monthly Musings, it's time to tackle big bad March.

I had originally planned on posting each Musing on the first of the month. Yes, I know March is nearly over, but since I made up this meme only for me, I can make up the rules as I go along too. Kinda like Calvinball, for those of you who remember my fascination with a little boy and his tiger.

Anyhoo, I'm most definitely not a poet, but this time, I decided on a haiku--thanks for the inspiration Bella and Guinness Girl!

Maybe I'll do this for all the months now.

Or maybe I'll change my mind come April.

I love power.

Me and My March

Flippant, fickle month
Warm, cold, wild, calm, cruel, and kind
My kindred spirit.

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Blogger Giulia said...

OK, I just want to know, do you touch up your photos? This photo along with the yellow flower that you posted under your latest Sunday Scribblings look sooo, UGH, can't even think of a good word for it! Hmm, vivid? If you don't, you've got one hell of a camera!

Blogger stefanie said...

Ha. I am all for making up rules as you see fit. And I love the Calvinball example. :-)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Glad you like the photos Giulia :) The yellow flower is completely as it was taken, and today's pic is just cropped--nothing else is touched...I don't even know how to do fancy things like that! I paid about 200 euro for my camera, so it's nothing extravagant. The only thing I can say is that both of the photos were in full, glorious sunlight and on the macro setting (no zoom). I didn't adjust anything else b/c I just don't know how!

Stefanie, thank you for your unruly support!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your haiku. Just love it. I am terrified of them but so love to read them. "Me and My March" is divine.

Blogger Giulia said...

Macro setting? I probably have that on my camera, but my laziness tends to just click on that 'auto' button and then I take it from there. Note to self: Must look into the macro thing. The details on those flowers are just amazing. I'm sure the broad day sunlight had a lot to do with it, but still!

Blogger sognatrice said...

GT, glad you enjoyed the haiku; I'm afraid of them as well, but this one came easily, so I didn't argue ;)

Giulia, you *must* discover macro--it's the only way to do good close-ups! The flower detail is all the camera and none of me, I promise.

On my camera, I have a button marked with a red flower or green mountains. The flower is macro, and the mountains are for far away scenery (so the focus is far); then there's the normal setting which you can use for normal distance pics. I'm sure yours has something like this too. And natural light is always the best :)

Blogger KC said...

Lovely post! That's quite an elegant haiku. I'd been waiting for your ode to March!

Blogger Cheeky said...

I like the pretty flower as well. I wanna join in on the musing. Sounds like fun. I'm no poet so I think I will just put out some words, hope that's ok? I like the no rules idea. Of course, now I want to post a cool photo but I'm going to have to hunt around for one. Maybe I will cheat and snap one in the neighbours garden, as I'm afraid mine isn't much to look at right now:(.I did a word association I saw at cherrye's, come have a look and join in.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Oh, KC, thanks! Good thing I didn't just scrap the whole Musings idea then ;)

Cheeky, please feel free to write whatever you like. My February musing was an essay, in fact--I figure I'll do whatever the month inspires me to do...and when it inspires me to do it ;) I'm off to your blog now!

Anonymous Milva said...

Love the photo...Spring poppies are just so beautiful -- I'm missing them.

Blogger Nadine said...

I enjoyed that...very good job. And if you set the rules you can change them.

Anonymous bella said...

This was very good! Loved it!

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