10 April 2007
still celebrating

Last we left off, I promised that I would make time to eat and relax on Pasquetta, as Easter Monday is called here.
P and I ended up spending the day with some of his friends and their wives, and now I have photographic evidence.

There was eating:

There was drinking:

There was singing:

There was bocce:

Oh was there ever bocce.

And there was even playtime with Luna and my friend Helen:

Then today, I continued the Pasquetta celebration by turning an annoying work obligation into a fun time by meeting up with Cherrye in Catanzaro for some cappuccino with the stars (and she didn't even mind her drink getting a little cold while I took a photo or ten):

And then, for the first time in a year, some McDonald's, including a chocolate milkshake (woohoo!), with an Aussie friend who has a house in my village. Sometimes you just get cravings, you know?

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Blogger Ally Bean said...

Oh what fun you've had in the past couple of days. The food and friendship sound great. I wish that we celebrated Easter Monday here in the USA. It seems like limiting Easter to just one day is taking part of the joy out of it.

Blogger Cherrye said...

You went to McDs??? That is great. We were just talking about that today - maybe that is why the craving struck??

Blogger Madelyne said...

I love big family/friend get togethers with lots of food. And then theres nothing like a good game of bocce while you digest.....sounds like you had a great weekend

Blogger JennDZ said...

Wow what experiences you have had over the past few days! Souch reat pictures you took. It really brought me there, made me feel like I was right there wil you! Beautiful Job - Now, how about a nap? ;)

Blogger chris & erin said...

you gave me a little Italian vacation with your photos (minus the McD :) )

what a wonderful day!

Blogger 1lifelonglearner said...

I am going to be visiting Italy next week. Obviously, I have been looking forward to the trip. But it wasn't until your last few postings with the pictures that I am getting positively giddy.

Blogger Curatrix said...

Do women play bocce too? Just curious because I saw just guys in the photo. We play here and it's a ton of fun - more freestyle though, just throwing the target ball anywhere we please.

What a great Holy Week you had. Thank you for sharing it.cy

Blogger LinleyShea said...

i love bocce!! looks like a fun time!!

Anonymous Carole D. said...

sono cosi' inviosa della tua vita.

Again, you have shown how content/fulfilled your life is in the village. It makes me wonder what my life would be like if I had never left my small paese.

BTW, which of the simpatici uomini nella foto e' P?

Also, if you want to send me the pictures/movie di Pasqua to my email address, would be sweet, especialy coming from a PBS reporter:)

Can't wait to read what's coming up next!

Blogger Kimberly said...

Mmm...bocce. We're so glad the snow is gone so we can finally pull out our set!

Blogger Nadine said...

What fun. Thanks for sharing with lots of pictures. I enjoy seeing family photos.

Blogger ViVi said...

I grew up playing bocce, but after seeing your photos it looks like it's really close to the French game pétanque. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that the pétanque balls are metal (they use wooden balls for bocce, right?). Other than that, it's crowds of men around the playing field and usually not a woman in sight. I guess we're meant to be off cleaning or cooking something! ;)

Blogger anna said...

I envy your bella vita in bella Calabria. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Seeing this little part of the world through your appreciative eyes always brings a smile to my face.

Blogger Sharon said...

Did they have a tape measure handy at the Bocce court??
You are having ALL the fun!

Blogger Giulia said...

Looks like you guys had fun! But then again, pasquetta and fun go hand in hand. ;) I am in the process of writing up my pasquetta experience. :)

Blogger Wendy said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish I had one of those coffees!

Blogger cheeky said...

My favorite photo is of Luna and Helen. I remember you writing about her and it was nice to see her.
I would have really enjoyed all the festivities. Loved the boys playing bocce.
It sems the village is also quite international? Aussie dweller too?

Blogger sognatrice said...

Ally, I really like that they celebrate Monday here as well; it does seem rather fitting after all the running around all weekend to just take a day and relax.

Cherrye, yes, McD's. I just couldn't shake that chocolate shake feeling ;) Actually just as I arrived in the village, my Aussie friend found me and said she was in the mood for a burger...I figured she just meant one that she'd make herself, but then she said the magic word, and we were off!

Madelyne, yes, it was a great weekend. In a little village where not much happens on a daily basis, it's nice to have these things every once in a while :)

Jenn, I'm planning on regrouping this weekend--I taught Wednesday and now I'm off to teach today (Thursday), then I have running around to do tomorrow...but come Saturday, it's naptime!

Chris and Erin, glad to oblige :)

Lifelong, I'm so happy that you're getting giddy...I love the excitement of an approaching trip; glad I could help!

Curatrix, actually I've never seen a woman playing bocce in Calabria, but then again, they're still big on having men sit at one end of the table and women at the other...do you sense another blog post??

Linley, Kimberly, Nadine, ViVi, Anna, Wendy, thanks for stopping by; some of you girls play bocce too? You'll have to come and give me lessons! ViVi, you're right about the women thing as well ;)

Carole (and any one else waiting for video), I've had trouble sending them, and I have no idea why. When I have more time this weekend, I'll play around with it.

Ah, and P's arm can be seen pouring the wine (his father's homemade brew), and also on the bocce court in a black sweater. Don't worry; I'll post a better photo soon (there's sort of one somewhere in the archives--maybe the "Post-Christmas Wrap Up" post from December)?

Sharon, the official measuring stick, was, well, a stick...we're so simple here ;)

Giulia, looking forward to your post!

Cheeky, actually yes, my village does have a more international flair than most...we now have Swedes, Danes, Germans, English, Americans, Canadians, Aussies...most aren't year-round, but it's still rare for Calabria.

Blogger stefanie said...

I'm late in commenting on this, obviously, but I just had to say I love the lovely little cappuccino stars and also wine should always come in an enormous jug like that! :-)

Blogger sarala said...

My parents have become very fond of Bocce although I haven't become a convert. We use our bocce balls as a doorstop currently.

Anonymous jessica said...

Mmm Italians. fiesty, vibrant, in love with hanging out together and finding any cause to celebrate. What am I doing in switzerland again? where did they go wrong... ?!? :)

Anonymous Jacinda Jay Innes said...

Ciao Sognatrice

Again, these images are molto bella and for me really epitomise the Italy I love and miss!


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