22 May 2007
may musings

It's about time to think about the month of May and what it means to me; I'm going back to the haiku form that I first used for March:

As your name suggests

Possibilities abound

Nothing definite.

Better, worse, the same?
Your warm optimism taunts

One way to find out.

This is part of my Monthly Musings series. Also be sure to check out Cheeky's May reflections.

If you'd like to join, scribble something about May and send me a link.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this. I am smiling now as I type.

I have gone back and read the last few posts, which I had missed. You are tops on my list to read, but have been deliquent all around. I am sorry for that.

Your posts always stir something, so much inside me. From the silver to pizzelles to your interview to your really incredible photographs . . . I do feel like there is a warmth here, of listening to a friend talk. Quietly, gently, passionately, with great wisdom and insight and reflection.

Blogger Karen Beth said...

I've not made a May post yet. Hmmm... May reminds me of my sister's birtday. Every year. Without fail. She turned 36 this year! Hooray!

Loved your post and the picture you posted with it was really beautiful!

Blogger sognatrice said...

gt, thank you so much for your sweet, kind words. You must know that I feel the same about reading your posts, and I'm often thinking about your words many days after I read them. I'm still thinking about those deer!

Karen Beth, feel free to write something up dedicated to this beautiful month and link here! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and photo :)

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