27 January 2007
fancying up the donkey

In response to yesterday's post, one of my favorite bloggers, The Other Girl, has gone on the record as wanting donkey (or small goat as the case may be) rings on her dream home.

Now TOG (we're t h i s c l o s e , so I can call her that) is a girl with some major coglioni, but I realize that some of you out there just may be too shy to admit your desire for The Rings--this post is for all of you as well.

Below you will find the proper installation of said gadgets lest
you be the laughing stock of your neighborhood because of some half-assed hook ups.

Context people. You know what I mean.

See them there on either side of the door? These people thought ahead and smartly planned for more than one donkey; you'd be well-advised to do the same as I think you'll find that one ass is hardly ever enough.

Plus I hear that symmetry is in this year.

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Blogger The Other Girl said...

Oooh, so that's where they go. I'd put one closer to the ground, though, so the goat doesn't get a sore neck.

(And I just may add "coglioni della signora" to my resume.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we have one, but just one 'ass post' outside our door....vanessa

Blogger Becslifeonline said...

I wonder would it be illegal to tie a boyfriend/husband up to that donkey ring if he ever gets on your nerves. They can be asses as well sometimes. Hmm... I'm starting to like the idea of these things. Genius!

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