26 January 2007
village games

I moved here three and a half years ago, but I still haven't discovered even half of the gorgeous, unique, and interesting nooks and crannies of the village.

How can I be so sure?

Well, every time I find something simply amazing, P nods politely and tells me exactly where it is I'm talking about.

He rather enjoys bragging about how well he knows his medieval village. And know it he does--understandable as he has lived here all of his 28 years. Plus he's a guy, so you know that most of those years were spent exploring the most obscure and likely dangerous spots.
So I'm taking him to task, calling his bluff, and pulling out every other cliché in the book (hah!) as we institute a little game I like to call "Dove cazzo è?" The clean version would be "Where the heck is it?" and it works like this:

(1) I roam the village taking random shots of things.

(2) He has to tell me where I've found them--all of them.

(3) Loser cooks dinner and cleans up afterwards.

Here are this week's pictures:

This is not one of the famed door knockers as you might think. It's actually a fancy place to hook up your donkey outside the house. This was the easiest of the photos, as it's not too far from P's house.

But then I turned up the heat:

A random orange in a random tree. Somewhere. Right? How could one pinpoint it?

Close-up of a door. In a tiny alley. A good distance from where we live.

So? How'd we do?

Tonight I'm making that artichoke dish from last week's What's Cooking Wednesday if anyone would like to join us. I'll even let you dry the dishes. (But not put away the silverware.)

And then we'll go out and find much more challenging pictures.

Just wanted to give him a false sense of security for the first go-around.

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Blogger The Other Girl said...

I am adding, "fancy place to hook up your donkey outside the house" to the mental list of features I would like to have on my ideal house. And it wouldn't just be decorative either, seeing as how I added "donkey" to the list about six years ago. ("Small goat" is also on there, so I'm just going to go ahead with, "fancy place to hook up your small goat outside the house" as well.)

Blogger Karla said...

Ha! Ha! That's too funny. How did he get the orange tree?

Blogger Becslifeonline said...

HA HA! This game is soooo fun. I don't think I could play it where I live. There are sheep EVERYWHERE so that's out. There's trees all over the place so that wouldn't be very fair either. Maybe I can take close-ups of students' facial features and play guess who? Then I'd probably be thought of as even more random than I'm considered to be now ha ha.

Anonymous lango said...

che bel giochino!.. though you certainly have worthy competition..

Blogger sognatrice said...

TheOG, small goats and donkeys do have a rather lot in common, so I say go for it!

Karla, I have no idea. It's sick.

Bec, yeah, sheep and trees would be tough. Facial features, though, sounds interesting--although yes, you'd run the risk of being called a perv or something. For the love of the game!

Lango, thanks for reminding me about this game! I do have some photos around here that I can use in Round 2, but I'm going to have to get going on some more. And I have to really get to some lesser-known corners of the village. At least to me, I suppose.

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