14 January 2007
yes, more photos

Buona domenica!*

Today turned into a working Sunday for me, but not before I took a long walk with Luna and snapped pictures like these:

Someday these will be part of a larger collection of Southern Italian Door Knockers. I do realize that I'll need a different name as that one just sounds kinda dirty.

FYI, the second one above is on P's house. He tells me there's another head somewhere in the village although he can't remember where, so now we have a mission. OK, that sounds kinda dirty too, so let's move on.

Another series in the works is of the original arches of the village. Here are two of those:

Now back to work for me.

*This means "Happy Sunday," and believe it or not, they actually say this on a regular basis here. Weekly in fact. There's even an all-day variety show of the same name.

Yes, you read that correctly: variety show.

Yes, it's 2007.

And no, Jessica Simpson is not involved, but every now and again Ridge and Brooke from The Bold and the Beautiful do show up.

Italy is pazza for the Forresters you know.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the first knocker! Reminds me of a shop in London, goes by the extremely suggestive name of knobs and knockers...

Blogger Elle said...

Gorgeous pics. You have such a talent.

Blogger Pola said...

The first knocker reminds me of a bagel. Yummy!!!


Anonymous J.Doe said...

Great pictures! You made me laugh about having to rename the Southern Italian knocker photos. :)

Anonymous guinness girl said...

LOVE the pictures! :) And, I really like the name using "knockers".

Blogger Christine said...

OHMYGOD, the Italians are pazzi for Beautiful. My cousins were so disappointed that I couldn't give them the scoop on what happened because until I was there I had never watched.

And also? what was up with the program being broken up into smaller segments. I found it frustrating and I didn't even particularly care for it. Although the variety shows always were good for a laugh. Mostly because they exist at all.

Blogger ViVi said...

Oh my god, those knockers are HUGE! (bwahahahaha!)

The variety shows crack me up. My MIL often has one on when we arrive for lunch on Sundays (er, not every Sunday, that is). In France it's nothing but over-emotional singers and a dance troupe (oooh the tango en masse!!). It's goofy but it makes me think that the spirit of Lawrence Welk lives on. :)

Blogger Kali said...

Great pictures! I am truly enjoying your blog.

LOL, when I was in college, I watched The Bold and the Beautiful all the time. I used to love it when they went to Italy!

Anonymous Amber said...

I've been reading your blog lately & have noticed that certain foreign countries have a lot in common. I'm moving to Mexico next month & it's nice to know that hispanics aren't the only people with a variety show (Sabado Gigante). :)

Blogger sognatrice said...

Amber, so Saturday's big in Mexico whereas Sunday is "buona" here...very interesting ;)

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