06 March 2007
airing my clean laundry
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I'm smiling just knowing that so many of you enjoyed the photos from yesterday; it was a pleasure to share a beautiful Calabrian morning with you.

Had I thought ahead, though, I would've worn red to stop all that malocchio coming my way from so much envy.

Just kidding, of course--I know it wasn't *that* kind of envy.

On yesterday's post, fellow blogger Stefanie commented that sometimes my life seems like a movie, which got me thinking...and you know what? She's absolutely right. Sometimes it's more romantic comedy and other times horror or drama, although hardly ever Van Damme action (quite by design).

And isn't this more or less how all of our lives are when you think about it?

I tend to focus on the positive in my daily life, and that's what I like to share on the blog as well. Do I never stress about anything? I wish, but I'm human. I have rants and whatnot, but I like to get them out and then be done with it.

Sometimes that's here on this Internet thing, but most often it's on the phone with my mom, or even better, with P. Venting in Italian is *so* much fun--probably because it's the only time I talk really fast in my second language without a care as to whether I'm making sense.

You see, P nods and agrees no matter what. He's a smart man.

What I'm getting at, I suppose, is that I don't dwell on mishaps or frustrations because then I feel like the nasty forces in life are winning.

And I hate to lose.

So besides bringing some warm sunshine to cold, snowy days with yesterday's photos, I also hoped to encourage all of you to appreciate the simple things, the everyday sights in your life, whatever they might be.

And today for me, the sights are laundry (so much that it will spill into tomorrow), a translation project that I need to finish today, and lesson planning for tomorrow and Thursday.

So in lieu of a longer post, I'm going to share more pictures from yesterday's Marina adventure.

I'll start with a woman doing laundry the old-fashioned way (note: I use a washing machine although I do hang out the clothes like most of us here...don't get us started on the dryer situation, right expats?).

"Maria Concetta!" she called out when she saw me, mistaking me for her granddaughter, but she didn't act the least bit disappointed when she realized it was just a straniera with a camera. She even offered coffee, but I was on a tight schedule so I could catch the bus back up the mountain before lunch.

"La prossima volta!" Next time, I promised.

Just a few steps away from this woman's house was this view through the stairway:

And here's a leftover shot from the beach area:

The flower stand at the small market in the Marina on Monday mornings:

A wider view of the mercatino. That's my village nestled into the mountains:

And this was my view while waiting for the bus home:

OK, so this was my view *after* I pushed down a plastic orange fence surrounding the property with one hand and leaned over the squished barrier to take the photo with the other.

Sometimes you just gotta go for it and make your own pretty pictures.

P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!

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Blogger Anne said...

such lovely pictures again! Right, I am off onto the Yorkshire moors with my camera...going to take some pictures today!

Blogger nikinpos said...

Lovely! Um, I really wanted to email this but don't have your address. I nmade your ham and cabbage soup the other night and it was gooood! Also, I got your message on that bloglog thingy but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it works!

Blogger Karen said...

Your photos give me something warm and wonderful to wake up to in the morning... especially with today's weather forecast in ottawa - I think a high of minus 15 or so!

Blogger Jennifer said...

I love your pictures! It's so warm and sunny down there. I can barely believe we live in the same country.

And *ahem* I have a dryer.

Blogger sognatrice said...

Anne, looking forward to your photos!

Niki, I've already commented on your post today...everyone, go to Niki's and see how she's made her apartment too cute for me to describe here!

Karen, oh my. You're making me cold just thinking about your weather. But I will admit that I'm jealous of your snow pics with the girls :)

And cara Jennifer, today isn't so warm or sunny, but it's still really nice. No complaints here. But about that dryer--lucky girl! Of course, if/when I have a bambino, I'm not going to do it without a dryer...I can't possibly live with more clothes hanging around me than I already do! In any event, the electricity cost is also a big bummer in the dryer area, isn't it? *sigh*

Very nice post. I am working very hard to see the postive things in my life instead of dealing (or obsessing) on the negative things.

Blogger stefanie said...

You make a fine point, but I still say if I took pictures of the things I see throughout my day, it would call to mind no fond cinematic scenes. ;-)

Then again, at least two movies I have seen were filmed in the town where I work, so maybe I'm not giving this place enough credit.

Blogger Ninotchka said...

I love the title to this post. We share very similar philosophies when it comes to blogging and I imagine life. We're both "juicers" (of the good). And we both have great support systems in place for venting. Nice!

I love the story of the laundry lady. And the pictures, of course. Gorgeous!

Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Ah...your life gets to be like a movie.
My life is more like a soap opera!

Your photos are beautiful!

Blogger goodthomas said...

Very happy to have found this blog, and stumbled upon your words, your wonderful photography.

Really nice stuff.

Blogger Paolo said...

I really appreciate this post, and all the pics are great! The Universe seems to be sending "stop and smell the roses" messages to me nonstop lately...

Blogger Kelly Parra said...

Very lovely pics!! Yes, it is fun with the digi cams. haha!

Blogger Becslifeonline said...

Gorgeous pics! Seriously! *Boo hoo I want to live there not here!*

Anonymous bella said...

These pictures, and the ones of the sea, are just lovely.

Blogger Kimberly said...

I love the exuberance with which you live your life. How wonderful to have figured out, so young, that focusing on what is joyful in your life will bring you more joy.

You brilliant gal, you.

Blogger Heidi said...

I love the little village up in the mountain...it's so funny how stereotypical it is but yet so real!!!!

Blogger Nadine said...

I love the pictures. I wish I was there. You take great shots but I love the one of the lady doing laundry.

Blogger Gil said...

Just lost a long reply I had written. Well, in a nutshell it said great pictures, I along with the rest of the World are sure happy you bought that camera and it is good to see all of the green and sun as my weather is like Karen's in Ottawa.

Blogger Elizabeth said...

As a photographer myself, I appreciate your eye behind your lense - wonderful photots! So glad I found you (or you found me) and I look forward to visiting site again.

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